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I absolutely hate technology by the way.


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Technology woe unto you and I!


Jesus Christ, Salvation. Forgiveness.
Jesus Christ hung on the cross, for yours and my sins.Where a sword was thrust into his side,his blood was shed. Then it ran down his side, down his legs, off of his feet into the world, to purge the fallen world of mankind’s sin! The free gift of Salvation, for us.

Jesus Christ hung on the cross, for yours and my sins.Where a sword was thrust into his side,his blood was shed. Then it ran down his side, down his legs, off of his feet into the world, to purge the fallen world of mankind’s sin! The free gift of Salvation, for us.

 Technology, woe unto you and I !

This is all of the Technology, you will ever need. It has all of the information, that a human being is required. No bull, no lies, just the truth. And it won’t cost you a penny, not unlike all of the crap you spend you money on today, of the devils devises, that are enslaving you as we speak. Try picking one up, sometime before your brain, doesn’t know how to read anymore, get it?

Clouds 002
The Bible, all of the worlds information in yours and mine hands, and the truth!

By the way I am not religious, I do not believe In man, or his religion. I only believe in his SON, JESUS. OK  everyone take a breath before you go any further.

By the way God never en-tented for mankind to have this knowledge. When Eve bit into the Tree of life, of good and evil, that’s when mankind became corrupt, with all of knowledge of science, and evil. We were never meant to die, we were to live forever like, God. Once the apple had been bitten, the fallen angels, the 33% that left, heaven, came down to mankind and participated in the,  separation unto the Lord. Because they hated God so much, they joyfully gave all of this information to humans which corrupted their hearts, minds and souls.

I am not saying all technology is bad, but it is going to  be the demise of mankind. And will participate in the coming of the mark of the beast, 666. Since man kind has gotten the knowledge of good and evil, from the tree of life, men and women have used science for good and evil. Example, nuclear power, great for man kind, we have electricity, we have had the use of power for a little over a century, good right?. Bad for our enemies that we want to kill, and possibly destroy the world, with the same technology. Look at drugs, there have been some over time, that have done some good, antibiotics, few other drugs, and very few vaccines in the past. Now look at today, they are mostly criminal what they do today to the human body. I believe they genetically modified , and rewire our brains, and our D.N.A. And they definitely slowly kill you to death.

Look at televisions, they were the latest and greatest things when they first came out, they use to be fun, and informational to watch and learn. Not these self loathing reality shows. I know, I even watch a few, unfortunately . The old days, Happy Days, Lavern and Shirley, Home Improvements, and my favorite Married with Children, I know, but I had to have one ehhh!. It is really sad because, I still love to watch a good movie, a good mystery, love story, crime, action, science fiction. It is reality hard to watch today because, there is nothing but crap on the tube today, but a few reality shows that are OK. I use to watch horror films, until the LORD let me know they are of the devil, bad for my soul.

They like most films today, psychologically mess with your brain.  And I believe physically. The flicker rate of the light on your television, really does something to draw you into it’s deceitful world, it is really weird. And the algorithms, really mess with your brain, in strange ways, that you can not imagine.  Look at today it is more about, hate, homosexuality aggrandizing, fornication’s, lust, greed, dysfunctional, murder, you get the point, TV at one point was good and, now it’s bad. ( Romans 1: 24-32 )

Look at the automobile, at one time is was about exploring new wild frontiers, going to places that you had only heard about, from the TV, and/ or friend, or family member.  It brought families closer together. We use to love to go on vacations, shopping, camping, just go for a drive to let the wind blow through your hair. You just went for a drive to get away from all of the weekly stress, from your work, and / or just the worldly problems, that we all have to deal with, every day of are lives.

Now look at what we have become. We think that the latest and greatest and newest gadget, in your cars today are so wonderful. You think your new GPS, is so grand, because you don’t, have to stop, pull you car over, take a breath. Relax stretch your legs, get the map out to see were you are going on your adventure. Because you are to lazy, and worthless, do to something for yourself. Now you have the government watching every move you make, the DMV, now watches your with the little black box, that is full of information as to where you go, how fast you have been driving.  How fast you stop, they know so much about you, you would not believe if it, if bit you in the rear end. And in the old days, there was no speed limit you could go down the road, as fast as your car could go. I remember going down the road many times at a buck 130-150 miles per hour, many times in mine and my friends cars, try that today.

You are being watched, key-loggers,cookies,trojans, there is so much I can’t list it.You are being tabulated, black boxes in your cars,calculated, verified, spied on,

Street Camera
Watching you from everywhere!

facial recognition, drones,


Smart Meter

television, home appliances, neighbors, smart meters,browsers, cameras at ever intersection.

Home monitoring,stealing all of your personal data, get it? Street lights,stores, malls,

they are everywhere.Drone


Sh*t, they are watching you through your camera, on your monitor as we speak.Put a piece of tape over the camera. They want a national I.D. card, and your soul to come.

Ever feel like a terrorist, in your own country. I do. They treat us like we are. Sounds like freedom, if I have ever of it, how about you? Not!

Why do you think they call them smart phones. Because you are so stupid, get it? Idiots, sorry but is what it is. They are taking over your thought algorithms, your senses, your, vision, brain waves, ideals, emotions, and your participation in the human race.

Look at the African Americans of the past, and still today.They are willing to fight and die for their freedom .They fought, and many died to get out of slavery, unto their so called masters. They  did did not want to be surf-tum, to anyone. They wanted , and rightly desired to be a free people. But today’s generation, you walk lock step, willingly into a different type of slavery. I am not trying to diminish slavery of old, just trying to get the point across. Because of the devils hold he has on your mind, and soles. You will never get from out under, nor be free again. You will be slave for eternity. It seems like all of the wars, for independence were for not, due to this generation, has forgotten why the Civil War was fought to begin with. You ought to be ashamed, that you have allowed your generation to repeat the same mistakes, that all of our fore fathers did in then past, to regret.

Look dummies, whether you want to believe it or not. The Mark of the Beast 666 is at hand, and coming to either your right hand or forehead. I don’t know if it’s 6mths, or 5 years. But you are all bringing it into fruition, due to your unrelenting use , and the participation of the devil devises, woe unto to you when it does arrive. You have been warned, and will have not one excuse. Actually you will probably be first inline, what say you? You are going to burn for an eternity, get it?

Remember when you just, went and bought a airline ticket, with your family, and or friend. You used to just walk down to the loading dock. Visit with your family, and/ or friend, reminisce.  Stay for a while, eat lunch together, wait until they left. When  they finally left, you would stick your face to the window, watching and waving to your loved ones as they flew off. Remember?

Now today, you get a ( Matthew 13:49-50 ) molested, verified, tabulated, calculated, categorized, viewed by a bunch of demented, devil worshiping ,sick, perverted test tube, hybrid, soulless things, getting off, looking at the size of your wife’s breast. Putting their hands down your children pants, 7-8 years ago, you supposed men, would have killed somebody for molesting your children, where their are hundreds of thousand of prisoners in prison for doing they same thing they are doing to you, with  immunity. And you give them your consent, way to go.

As a man, which most of you are not today, you are a dummed down, and brain washed and follow in lock step. Sorry but it is what it is. I can’t fly no more, because I probably would kill,

( I know thou shall not murder ), but is it, the first one who touched my, wife I would jump over there grab them by the throat , tear their larynx’s out and watch them bleed to death.  I hope I wouldn’t, but I probably would. If I did, I would be taken some place to where no one could find me. They would take me, and probably beat me to death, and torture me. I would never get a hearing in front of a judge, or due process. I would never be in front of a jury. I would be detained because of the patriot act, and/ or national defense authorization act. I know what your thinking, some Christian, ha. Sorry, but I can only bow down to one GOD, and it’s not tsa, or the government. I miss the old honest, caring, forthright politicians that use to run this great nation of ours, but I digress! ( Isaiah 28:18 )The perverted, gross, vile, sick, child molesters, would probably molest their own children, and sister, or brother. I would rather die, then submit, to the same thing that happened to the Jews, in Hitler’s time. There is no difference, you are just going to lay there and die  not me. I am more like David , and Goliath, through the LORDS power, I will have victory through him.

I would rather watch the plane crash with all of my family members in it, then give up all of our freedoms, that are taking way from us daily?  You are already dead, you just don’t know it. You have no life no more. You just don’t know it, but you will, buy that time, it will be to late.

Oh how I love that freedom, we have today. Of course I am being sarcastic.

OK it is around, 11:00 am on February, the 18th, 2012.Updated today, February 27th, 2014. The LORD, had me change a couple of paragraphs, as to what I had written the night before. I started with a rant, about how the American people, would not relent to a tyrannical government,  ( Matthew 23:23 ) we were going to kick their ass. That with all of the millions of gun owners, we were going to be invincible army, to any thing that came against us.

And the LORD, had reminded, as to what is coming in the near future. Read ( Revelation 13:7-8 ). JESUS spoke about a time in the future, that when the beast, which will control all men’s hearts at that time, GOD says that the beast, will blaspheme him. He then said listen close, that GOD will give him the power the make war with the saints; and to overcome them: Later he stated that all would worship, him whose name was not written in the book of life. Is your name in it?

OK let’s jump back into time. Lets look at when Mose’s had to exodus, Egypt. Mose’s by pure faith led GODS people, out of bondage. I know you have heard it before, but it’s important.  When Moses got to the Red sea, GODS children again had no faith again in him. So Mose’s stood before the sea,  looked up to his GOD who are thou in heaven, raised his staff and stretched out thine hand and staff over the sea, and it divided, in the name of the LORD.

It wasn’t by his weapons, or how many armaments he had,( Pray for Peace), and that our nation and government will repent, it was by his faith, and GODS power, they were protected, not your weapons.

OK lets look at the Prophet Daniel, what had happen to him and his fellow bothers in CHRIST, during the Babylon period This story is around when King Nebuchadnezzar, reigned. Daniel was one of GODS true servants unto him. He was so blessed because of his faith and communion with the LORD. Long story short, because Daniel was so close to the LORD, he was able to show things, regarding the dreams of  King Nebuchadnezzar, that no one else could interpret. Which brought him favor, with the King.

OK here’s where it gets good. Daniel, had requested that the King give his affairs over to Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, to look over the province of Babylon. OK again long story short. King Nebuchadnezzar had made a golden image, a idol to his god the devil. He made a decree to his people, that when they hear all of his cornets, flutes, harps, and others play, that he commanded all to fall down and worship his golden idol. If any body didn’t they would be cast into the fiery furnace, hey it sounds like the same place all of you devil worshipers will be, but I digress. Except you won’t be saved, you are just going to be cooked, and cooked and cooked. Boy are you going to stink. Of course with defiance , Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, would not bow down. Basically they were brought before the King, he asked them why they did not bow, to his idol. They had replied ,we are careful not to answer thee in this matter.

Basically they told the king it is what it is, if our GOD, is going to save us, his will be done, and if not, we will never bow to your little god, or in like won’t take a mark of the beast.

Then the King with fury, had the furnace, turned up seven times hotter. He told his guards to cast them into the furnace, it was so hot his guards got burned when they had gotten to close.

The King looked into the furnace, that was about to melt to the ground, with amazement, and saw that Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego had fallen to their knees and praying unto the LORD. The King was astonished, he replied to his counselors, didn’t you put three men into the fire, they said yes. He answered , then why do I see four men.

I see  a fourth man in the likeness of the Son of Man. JESUS was standing their with them in the fiery furnace, and protected them from  Tyranny, that had come against them. Remember, don’t forget this, your life will depend upon it. Not one hair on their body or head was singed.

The King, when he had let the three out of the furnace,  he turned to them and  said I will make a decree that all in my nation will worship thee GOD who can save thee? Get it? Its not about your (guns), without the LORDS intervention, we are all going to die. That’s why we have to, have the faith,( 2 Samuel 22:3 ) an belief that no matter what comes against us, GOD will be their for us!

The moral of these story is, get right unto the LORD, if you are back slid den, when all of this stinking filthy, crap comes against, you. Ask yourself, is CHRIST, going to not allow any hairs to be burned on your head, you ask? You know the old adage, if you play with fire you will get burned, unless?

OK our Constitution, Oh my God run for your lives, go up into the hills, hide your children, prepare, he dared to speak, that gross, vile, disgusting, terrorist word, that only a dirt bag of the earth dare to repeat. And arrest everybody, he’s going to blow up a building like the government did, in New York, yeah the world trade centers, that was for you devil worshipers, ushering in the End Times, God plan.  I know I am one of those, oh my, oh my. I know, I just spoke the word that is almost as much an affront to you, as the word CHRIST, but not really. Oh how I love that word CHRIST,CHRIST,CHRIST,CHRIST, doesn’t that just get you panties in a bunch. Oh I love it.

I know, some Christian, I know, hey I am a work in progress.

 That’s what sets apart from any other nations, is our Constitution. That the LORD gives to each and every on of us. The Constitution that allows us have guns , so we are able to defend our homes and lives from a tyrannical government. They are going to have to kill a lot of American patriots to take their guns, I’m afraid.(  I pray for peace) I know there is at least a million patriots that are willing to die, to defend the freedom that my GOD give us, and will not let some devil worshipers take it from us. I know the LORD says to turn the other cheek, but he didn’t say lay, and roll over and die. The LORD said thou shall not murder, don’t mix up the meaning, as to defending your family from tyranny, and the devil.

Lets put this out, I will never commit murder, my FATHER expressly commands me to not, but this government will, and continually does everyday.


Sorry I know, I got of track little, but it’s all apropos, technology is going to take your freedom away, and the rites you no longer have! You just don’t know it yet, because the devil has blinded you, who have bought in to the lies, of the latest and greatest thing. You will see eventually, but it will be to late by then, I am afraid. Woe unto you, the greatest thing wont’ be 666, don’t!

Gees Louise, now they have a disease, for people that cant live without their phones,called nomophobia. Isn’t that just hunky dory.

OK here’s the big one, wake up! I know cell phones have done some good over the years, that’s the good use, know what about the bad. Cell phones, smart phones, I pads, kindles, I don’t care what you call them, it’s from the devil. Laugh all you want. This is the final affront, on human beings, Walking towards the mark of the beast, the number #666.  It’s not just the phone per say, but the technology, it encompasses. I know it’s a wonderful tool, for LAZY people, you don’t even have to lift a finger to do crap, pretty soon it will tell you when and where you can take a crap.  Laugh all you want too, you are going to be so sorry. When you are going to take the mark of the beast, 666 if you don’t wake up and smell the coffee. When is the last time you actually called a friend, and / or family member and heard a human voice? Don’t’ care do you, duh.

Come on, you have no more human interaction, which GOD created for the human race. You are being tracked every key stroke you make, every time you left your finger to use your devil device. Your phone or whatever is monitoring you, It is stealing your intellectual being, watching what you do, who you talk to, where you go on line, what you buy, what you sell, what your likes and  dislikes are, your political affiliations, what you eat, where you live, so on and so on.  They are going to very soon tell you where you can live, what you can by or sell, ( Revelation 13:16-18 ) its in the Bible. Hell they already are. The mark of the beast, the number 666, its real close.

Were all screwed, if you don’t wake up. You are all going to be put into prison camps, fusion centers, yea I know it’s all a conspiracy, Right? Good luck,  you will need it, if you don’t wake up before it’s to late. May GOD have mercy upon your soul.

I know the Bible does not refer exactly to these types of things, but ask yourself, why is this huge net of yours and my information being gathered about human beings? It’s all a web of deceit.

JESUS says his children are going to perish do to lack of knowledge. Do your own homework, boy oh boy, when you finally wake up, are you going to be pissed at yourself, for waiting so long to prepare, for what is sure to come! Don’t know the time, but woe unto you, if you don’t.

I know, I have heard it before, I don’t care I am not doing nothing wrong, tell that to millions upon millions of people that have been killed by other tyrannical governments, over the millenniums. Wake up. The united states government is doing the same thing, it is coming, whether you believe it or not. I Pray for our government that it will repent, and allow the LORD back into it’s very halls, where he use to be welcome, no more! Go ask the Jews who saw their family’s slaughtered by Hitler, there is no difference from our presidents of today’s time. You are all going to die, if you don’t wake up and smell the crap they are shoveling, and lies that they are dumping on you head, that you are being smothered  with.

 WWW. World Wide Worshipping.


I know it has some good benefits, but his is going to be the final straw, that brakes yours and my backs. There has never been a time like it  before , that they would have been able to implement the plans they have for you and me, until today.  You tell me before the computer and technologies of today,  how could they have given you a chip, or something similar to it. There never has been a time before, today! Maybe.

You worship the devils, information, none unto the LORD words, in the Bible, the way and the truth, not lies.

The most deceitful words that have ever been, it is going to be the way the devils going to get your souls. As the movie Hackers , the Plaque said, I am watching you. It’s OK laugh, when your kids are starving, you won’t be laughing then. And you are willing to give it all up with out a whimper. I know what you are being taught in church, Romans 13 right?  Yeah you tell me CHRIST, would say the powers go ahead kill, not abort, that’s the devils word, my 50 million children, no problem.

Hack up those babies, dismember them piece by piece, chuck into the trash.

AbortionHell it’s only a blob of flesh, right? It’s not a big deal, let the streets run with all of the blood of the children that have been aborted. Or how about, go ahead destroy the sanctimony of my marriage, that, GOD gave specifically between a man and a woman.  Oh yea, JESUS would just be thrilled, he would invite you all to lunch, to joke about it. I believe we have now 18 states that give credence to the devils work, by allowing homosexuals to destroy, GODS covenant, Woe unto the united states. For GODS judgment, is hear.

It’s OK to give  marry  homosexuals, yeah, he would just be delighted. Or you rich ( Luke 24:26 ) elitists, living high on the hog, while his children are starving, oh yeah, CHRIST would just be ticked pink, you suppose? OK if your phones are supposed to be so good for you, lets see you and you family stop for a whole week, from being online, put you’re cell phones down, no texting. Go actually visit someone and talk to them, keep your kids off of their phones, games,  you CAN’T, stupid, it has been ( Metaphorically ), at least for the moment, hard wired into you’re brains, of you and your kids. You and your children would commit suicide, if the power grid went down for a month. You don’t know how addicting the phones that you have on your hip, or wherever you carry them. You now have the great ( Nomophobia )  It’s sucking your soul dry, whether you want to believe it or not. You are being duped!

OK lets take a look at this. Does it ever peek you imagination just a little, as to why every government building you enter into, either has bullet proof glass, and / or all of the employees are behind it. Or if there is no glass, there is a armed guard, and / or policeman with an Armalite Assault  rifle A.R. 15, or something like that hanging on his shoulder, doesn’t it make you feel like you are in Mexico, or something like that, Huh?

Also another thought has been coming to me lately. With Computer Generated Graphics so advanced, do you ever wonder if anything that you are viewing on TV is real, or generated. How do you know when a president, or official gives a speech, it is not a Computer Generated Graphic, You Ask? Just a thought.

When a government becomes afraid of it’s people, the tyranny ( Psalm 9:17 ) has started. They know the majority of people have, so much disdain for what they are doing to their livelihood, they are becoming fearful.  Also they see that a lot of people are waking up, and aren’t believing the crap they spewing out of their vile mouths anymore. So they are running scared, not a good thing. Because this means they are going to ramp up, their plans to over throw the American people and all of it’s power, our GUNS!  They are slowly but surely taking yours an my guns  and rights away,  piece by piece. Look at California, New York, Washington, d.c. There is going to be a time coming at your doorstep, very soon I believe, you are going to have to defend your civil liberties. That’s why you need the Lord , not your guns, so when they throw you into the furnace you will be unscathed, get it?

I pray I am wrong, I hope the government comes to it’s senses, and repents (Acts 26:18 ).  from it’s evils ways, but I believe to no avail.  I think that the evil that dwells in the governments hearts, today, would make Sodom and Gomorrah, look like a kindergarten class. We have the most, gross, vile  and demonically corrupt government on earth that has ever been, I am not saying everybody, but most of them. I can think of a few good ones. They know who they are. It breaks my heart because it didn’t use to be this way, but because they have removed GOD from every intuition, of this government and our country. We get what we deserve, by not standing up for our father.

When I was a child I believe, most people looked up to our ( elected officials), they were (truly statesmen), back then. They loved the LORD, or at least gave recognition of HIM, no more. So you can see what has happened because the devil has been allowed into their hearts and minds and souls. No good can come from this. Even as much disdain  for the government, the love of CHRIST, still shines through me hoping that man will repent. God how I wish this to be.

I must be smoking crack. Just a metaphor.

 For all of you possessed government officials who are reading this.Remember fellow brother and sisters, read ( Luke 22: 36, )take up your sword, the word of the Lord.


 (Luke 9:56 ) For the son of man is not come to destroy men’s lives, any man, but to save them. But you must turn back towards CHRIST, and repent. Otherwise he will give you over to your own reprobate mind, if you continue to sin against him.(Acts 4:12 ) Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

 AMEN, and AMEN.

I beg of you, please repent, save yours and my country, GOD will bring the blessings back. Unfortunately, you hybrids, I believe your hearts are so black, and you have no souls, you can’t, and won’t.  I pray in the most precious name of JESUS you will.

And don’t you dare refer to me as a terrorist, I will never harm anybody. I will only protect my family and what is mine. So if you want to call me one, you are a Freaking liar, but what else is new, you call anybody that doesn’t follow in your lock steps devil worshiping ways a terrorist.  With the Patriot Act, and the National Defense Authorization Act. Woe unto you, god you are screwed. And you know it!

May GOD have Mercy on all you your souls. Because were you are going to burn for an eternity,  you will wish you would have repented, the second you arrive in hell and meet your father the devil.

Oh I can’t wait until, CHRISTS return, ( Romans 14:11 ) For it is written, As I live saith the LORD, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to GOD. To all of you devil worshipers this is going to be a site to behold, GOD I cant wait, to see this. The son of man, is going to be Crowned KING of KINGS of all, then you will be cast into the outer darkness, separated from the one and only true GOD.

May all Glory and Praise be given unto my FATHER and HIS SON, JESUS CHRIST, for thou our worthy of praise from all to art in  heaven,  and everything,  and every one,  as to under heaven, and below .  For every knee shall bow , and every tongue shall confess, his name.

Technology woe unto you and I!


 AMEN, and AMEN.