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The Principles of Giving



The LORD freely gave me the truth unto the Bible,so how can I charge you ?

Jesus Christ hung on the cross, for yours and my sins.Where a sword was thrust into his side,his blood was shed. Then it ran down his side, down his legs, off of his feet into the world, to purge the fallen world of mankind’s sin! The free gift of Salvation, for us.

The principles of giving. Look what Paul says ( Corinthians 9:18 ) What is my reward then? Verily that, when I preach the gospel, I may make the gospel of CHRIST without charge, that I abuse not my power in the gospel.

How many are abusing their power & riches, ( Luke 16:19-25 ) you ask?

How many  Pastors, Churches, Charities do you see and support, that are living on, and stealing the LORD’S ( 1Timothy 6:17:19) money, woe unto you and them! How large is their mansions, ( Matthew 23:27 ) how many, Jets, boats, cars do they need? How’s your finances, you ask?

Like so many other, that preach the prosperity ( 1 Corinthians 13:4) doctrine. Especially the ones who promote sowing your $ 200.00, $500.00, $ 1000.00 seeds, or whatever, they are of the devil. I am just telling you what the Bible says, like it or not! JESUS says woe  to them that do, they  are playing with  eternal fire, they are of  the devils, you pharisees, and hypocrites. ( Matthew 23:1-39) They will surely all crash an burn, like so many have. Woe unto you liar’s, for the LORD’S judgment t is at hand.

The LORD is holding you and I accountable as to how we give, and spend his money. Don’t be duped, ask the LORD, where and how much?

By the way, I am getting by just like rest of you today, I have always asked the LORD, should there be a day that he wanted me to preach the Gospel, he would find me another way to provide me a living, so I would not have to ask for help, and / or depend on any body else but him.

This way I could not be corrupted by  anyone and / or anybody’s  money, and / or gifts given to me. I will not be beholden to any man but unto the LORD.

I  pray that the Lord protects the wife and I, from ever being bought or sold, like so many that have given into ( Matthew 4:8-9 ) temptation and the devils lies. Nor will I ever except money from an advertiser, that is unfit to be on this site, it has to be fit unto the Lord. I would rather be poor, then corrupted by men, like so many other so called children of GOD. Remember what GOD said many shall come in my name, ( Matthew 15:8-11 ) saying I am CHRIST.

However like I said on the front page, if it be the will of GOD, that advertisers would like to participate, on the Blog, I will receive that blessing from the LORD. Business is business, they expect to get something back, from their advertising on the blog, as to you buying their products. They are paying  to be on this site, no different than your local newspapers,  advertising on the yellow pages or whatever. If it is not meant to be so be it, nothing will change, I will do as I am expected, and love to do, preach the Gospel truth, for free get it?

I will not except monies from individuals for, I preach the Gospel freely, without charge. The principles of giving.

I won’t let anybody  pressure ( 2 Corinthians 9:6-8) me to give, to anyone. Give with a cheerful heart, not because you feel you have too. It does no good for you to give that way in Gods eyes, if you give begrudgingly. But why do you give, to get back or the love(Luke 6:38) of helping? What about gift baskets, they only try to persuade you , by making you feel guilty, by others watching you, whether  or not you gave, and how much you gave. They should have a private room, where you giving can be unto the Lord, secretly. That should only between you and the LORD. Nobody should no how much you gave or whether you donated or not. You shouldn’t be judged, nor should you be made to feel less than anyone else.

Ask yourself how many ( Acts 20:35)  homeless, needy, or hungry people have you passed by, when you came to the store, mall, restaurant, or when ever you just went for a walk. Ready to go spend  money  on breakfast, lunch, dinner, or bought a new pair of jeans, shoes, or what ever, and turned a blind eye ( Matthew 5:42) to their cry’s for help? Are you producing fruit, ( Matthew7:16-21 )where does your heart lye for the Lord.

Remember what the LORD preached, to the pharisees “ The Hebrew Word means, Hypocrites, Godless, and / or profane”who gave.

They boasted about how much money they had given unto the LORD, but the LORD clearly stated, that they gave from their ( Luke 19:46-47)  excess, and he stated that the very poor lady that gave her two mite’s ( Luke 21:1-4 ) gave more than all of the wealthy combined, because she had given from what little bit she had, and gave from her heart.

See ( Mark 12  41:44)  & ( Luke 21 1:4 ) It’s not the amount you give, it’s how you give. Remember the LORD says to give quietly , don’t boast about what, or how you gave if you do, otherwise you have earned the praise of men, you received your treasure here on earth. You want to store your treasure up in Heaven, ( Matthew 6:1-4 ) don’t let your left hand know what, your right hand is doing. Be secretive about what and how you give, store up your treasure. ( Matthew 6  20:21 ) We are not a church of any kind, nor do we receive any money.

We will not have the government telling us what, and / or how to preach, like the ones who are under their  (501 (3) (c)), nor do we want to be under their thumb. We will pay all taxes due should any monies being taken in, if any advertisers decide to be on this blog. We are not an non profit.The LORD says who can stand against you , if I am for you. The LORD SAYS  don’t fear  what man can do to you, fear the one who can cast your sole into hell. So we are walking together in faith, trusting in the LORD, to take us were he wants us to go.

I am just trying to convey what the Bible says, and the word of the Lord as to his giving principles. CHRIST clearly says to help, the poor, or whoever he puts unto your heart, to give to. Don’t be fooled into giving  to a lot of these apostate lying church’s and / or websites your money.

The LORD is going to hold you, and I  accountable.

Ask yourself, this? Why do some churches ( Matthew 23:23 ) and shows on the internet, always begging for money.  On the other hand some of these mega churches, and many others live like kings and priests. There can really only be a couple of reasons, why? I believe that if they are not operating in the HOLY GHOST,  and the LORDS will.  They are rich because of their lies and deceit. I believe that these apostate churches, ( Matthew 21:13 ) or what ever, they are, will eventually come crashing down faster than the twin towers.

The other side is, if they are operating in the HOLY GHOST,  and the doing the LORDS will. The devil is out to destroy them, like a roaring lion, because they are doing what they are called to do.  I know of a few Godly men who are under attack because of this, I am sure there are a lot more of these churches and / or sites that need your help. Give with an open heart, ask the Lord, he will guide you.

That’s what discernment is for, pray that the HOLY GHOST, lets you know where and when to give, don’t give out of guilt. or the false prosperity doctrine that is so prevalent into today’s apostate, teaching about CHRIST. Remember when Christ, came in and over throw-ed the money changers, what do you think he would do today, you ask?

The homeless, or the needy are something completely different, I have reverence,  and love for the needy. Remember the poor shall inherit the earth, it doesn’t say the rich, get it?

I will give you scripture, as to what the Bible says. Look at what CHRIST says (Matthew 19:21 ) If thou wilt be perfect, ( Nobody is expect CHRIST), go an give to the poor, ( Not to an apostate church ) CHRIST said in and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me.

Ask God for wisdom on what to do, ( James 1:5 )he will give it to you. OK lets take a look at what CHRISTS says, here in ( Matthew 25:19-30 )

What Jesus was saying is that, the man that does not give to the poor, or is not willing to help your brother, and / or sister that is in trouble, Or what ever JESUS puts upon your heart to give. If you are afraid to give up your last mites, that you have to some else, because you don’t trust in him to replenish your needs.

JESUS calls you unprofitable servant. He wants you to do good works with his money, it is not yours nor my money. He gave it to you and I, and he can take it all away from you, and I. I know JESUS refers as to getting interest, with the money he gives you, but I believe that is a metaphor. Read ( Matthew 25:28 ) he took it away. And gave his money to the profitable servant who was eager to do good works. This does not refer to giving like unto the huge apostate mega so called churches, and other lying places of the devil.

OK CHRIST diffidently expects you to give. ( Matthew 10:42 , Matthew 25:21) You see it’s not again about how much you give. Some can’t give money, but their talents, and gifts, and / or time to help the lost. It’s being obedient unto the LORD. And helping the needy. You will have to pray about this, I cannot tell you what is right for you . You will have to do that for yourself.

He also commands us to give from our first fruits, of his money. So what ever is upon your heart, give to CHRIST first, our needs second.

I pray that this does not make you stumble, pray about all of this.

Be wise with the LORD’S money, don’t give into pressure,

Nothing  good comes from that. Let your heart be your guide, not the corruption of the Lords word, and the apostates who preach lies unto you and I.

The principles of giving. Look what Paul says ( Corinthians 9:18 ) What is my reward then? Verily that, when I preach the gospel, I may make the gospel of CHRIST without charge, that I abuse not my power in the gospel.

Amen, and Amen