The whole world, is enamored about it’s selfie.(Romans 1:24-32)



 The whole world, is enamored about it’s selfie. It is the most grotesque, thing I have witnessed in a decades, this self absorption(Romans1:24-32) of our own self image. And the dark, and evil pride and arrogance that it brings out in the human race.

Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost, Salvation
Jesus Christ hung on the cross, for yours and my sins.Where a sword was thrust into his side,his blood was shed. Then it ran down his side, down his legs, off of his feet into the world, to purge the fallen world of mankind’s sin! The free gift of Salvation, for us.

I recently saw a commercial about a pilot series coming out where, a very famous actor of old days, was talking about the size of his (#@@*&), and was going to take a picture and send it to his family and friends, WOW. We are so screwed up ( Matthew 24:24)as a society today. Jesus would absolutely puke, if he was here today, walking in the fallen back slid-den world we have become today.  That’s why he is going to return and burn ( Revelation7:13)  this world to the ground, with all of you in it, who don’t repent.)

Look at our ( Matthew 15:19)Presidents,Congressman, Actors,Rich and Poor alike, Men and Women. And what has become of our children, that have no control over their wanting to be excepted into the world of deceit. ( Matthew24:4)All caused by, read by Demons, and Devils page, you will understand more. They also cause the world problems not just unto God’s ( Matthew 17:3-4)children. It’s just, they Hate Jesus, so they are out to destroy his works, in the world, and his Born Again children.

What happened to our morals. I know, that if Jesus was not in my life today, I would also so-come to the Demons, Devils, and Spirits that are being em-braised by today’s culture. Praise Jesus for his Salvation. Thank you Lord for cleansing the Wife and ( I), of all of it’s disgusting, and vile, abhorrent, sins of the world.

As I watch the gross and vile news cast Local, and National, they are so self absorbed ( Matthew 23:27)about each other, photos, the days business, their habits, clothes, shoes, or what ever. All of the unreality shows.They absolutely have no common sense, and / or no self esteem left. They need approval from each other, for every breath they take. Hell, I am surprised you all don’t a picture of what you just let loose in the toilet, after a # 2, to get approval. That’s next.

It’s just like Lot’s wife, as the Lord said I came to set you free, of all of your destructive behavior, ( Matthew 13:41-42)and the sins of the world. Lot’s wife had to look back into the world, she was not able to let the sins, and the lust of the world go, as to what most of the world is doing today, and why most of the world is going to burn in Hell, ( Matthew 25:41)get it?

Hell, Devil, Selfie, Pride, Arrogance.If Jesus say’s we are to be Humble, Loving, Long Suffering, Patient, Kindness, and most of all a Foot Washer. That doesn’t sound like, the world we live in today, what say you?

Also the (2) greatest Commandments of all.  To love the one a only God with all of your Heart, Mind and Soul, andTo love the Neighbor as your self,(NOT SELFIE). Not the best photo of today.

 (Timothy 3:1-4) that says: “There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, ( GEE, SOUNDS FAMILIAR, GET IT?) lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, (SELF AGGRANDIZE)brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God.”

Jesus does not say, not to love yourself.  But you have to love Christ, first. He will teach you to love yourself, and your neighbors. As you walk with him, he will cleanse you and take( Matthew 7:5) the beam out of your eye first, so you will quit, boasting about yourself. I really makes me sad, as to what the devil,( Matthew 13 :38-40) and his lies about, the worlds technology of today and how it’s destroying all of Human beings connection ( Luke 13:27)to each other and the Lord.

Nobody gives rats ass, about what you did today, shut up, sorry. Throw that damn devil worshiping phone in the garbage. Go take a walk, go camping, visit a friend. Do something normal. Go for a drive, look at the mountains, lakes, and the beautiful landscape around you. Take that old beater, if you have one, that way you won’t be spied on get it? It’s the Lords handy work, he created it in (6) days.

Technology is what came out of the  knowledge of the Tree of life, of Good and Evil, ( Mark 7:20-23) it’s from the Evil side. You are just to ( #&$#@) to see it through you dark colored lenses that the devil has you seeing through.

Sorry, butI digress. Anyway, you are all in so much trouble, it’s not funny. The world is chasing the Devil by the tail, ( Matthew22:14) and he’s dragging you all into hell, and you go willing with out a fight, get it? Free will! Not without a squabble, you all love sin, and freely do it.

I am speaking the truth, ( Mark 8:38) and the truth shall set you free, get it? Also be aware of what, and who you give all of your information out into the world, and the Devil webs, ( Luke 8:17)woe ( Mark13:12) unto you who do. World Wide Worshiping. You will never get your life back, once it is let unto the world, to destroy, manipulate, change, and lie about you, get it, dummies.

Hush and be quiet, come back to the well of living water. Like  I have stated so many times before. because that’s all you have to enter into the kingdom of God. ( John 14:6)

 I beseech you, stop this gross a vile ways of the Devil. It is taking you know where fast. Except into to the Devils arms, wake up and smell what the Devil is shoveling. Of all of his lies and Deceits.

“Woe unto you and the world”

Repent, Repent and Repent.

 The whole world, is enamored about it’s selfie. It is the most grotesque, thing I have witnessed in a decades, this self absorption ( Romans 24:32)of our own self image. And the dark, and evil pride and arrogance that it brings out in the human race.