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Whether it be a Nuclear War, and/ or a Cataclysmic event, the world is going to burn up! Get It?


Jesus Christ, Born Again, saved
Jesus Christ hung on the cross, for yours and my sins.Where a sword was thrust into his side,his blood was shed. Then it ran down his side, down his legs, off of his feet into the world, to purge the fallen world of mankind’s sin! The free gift of Salvation, for us

   Whether it be a Nuclear War, and/ or a Cataclysmic event, the world is going to burn up! Get It?

You know the saying keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Of course I am referring to the news media, and / or this government, as well as all other Medias, and Governments of this fallen world, ran by wicked( Psalm 59:5) demonically possessed so called humans. I digress, you have heard it before.Wars rumors of wars. War coming?North Korea, China, Russia, Nuclear War on the way? Fake News, what’s the truth. Read the Bible.Ask yourself. Is there really any difference, between the crooked media, and/ or the governments, elites of the world, you ask. You tell me, one of the same, both, all serve the devil, and all of his minions, right? As I watch daily news, hard to do. But need to watch the news, local, online blog’s, and other  news sources. They are still beating the drum for the One World Government, the Rich, the enlightened one’s, yeah right.

I Know I am tired of the same posting about the crooked Media, but the Media won’t stop attacking our Christian faith, they are out to destroy, anyone, who preaches the Gospel, right?

What makes me sick and sad at the same time, is the Demon children of the Media, and /or the wicked, being born into this world at anytime,  especially on Christmas Day. Just what we need more, possessed children of the corn, roaming this earth. I pray for their soles, that the Lord will open their eyes, and they will repent, unlike their wicked parents, who hate Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Ghost, hypocrites.

Bunch of lost souls, that believe they are going to live for eternity in the Devils, kingdom, like some sort of resort. I pray in the name of the most High, King of King, and Lord of Lord’s, that Jesus Christ, will remove your scales from your eyes, to really see what is in store for you, when you meet your true maker, and he says flee from me,  you workers of Iniquity. Woe unto you!

Politician on Fire

Last night the wife and I, were listening to a well known, brother in Christ, talking about the days of Noah, and what is to come. It always strike me, when I listen as to what is to come. We are all so concerned, well not the wife and I, because we have Jesus on our side. Get It? Protection from all is what is to come, and will be! Anyway, they are all so enthralled, the Media, about the President, and all of is doing’s, right? Maybe the President is part of the system, too? Jesus knows the truth, just  thought, don’t trust no Man. ( Jeremiah 17:5), ( Jeremiah 17:7). But I am more hopeful, with this President, then any other before. My heart says he is not, part of the beast system. But the entrenched old Government, and the Media and all of it’s cohorts. They are  just serving the Devil, more then likely. Or possibly they, the Media, as well as their families are being threatened by, whomever, whatever power, you want to call them, let’s just say they are all Anti-christ, get it? Maybe they threaten to  take them, as well as their children to the Pizza place, and cut up their children up, and sacrifice them, for dinner. Well, or they just could go to Washington’s secret sacrificial demon possessed, vile, anti christ dungeons, and just have it done, right there, hum, just a thought!

Look, I try to make a joke, somewhat. But this stuff, is real. They believe by, sacrificing, and eating human flesh ( Jeremiah 19:9). It will bring them some type, of immortality, they will live forever, by consuming, and destroying Gods, perfect, plans. Do not give up your D.N.A, to one of these places, there is a lot of nefarious reasons, you cannot understand. They want it for a reason, Get it? Look you have to read the Bible, to try to have a glimpse, of what has happened, and what is to come, upon the earth, as each day unfolds.

We can barely ascertain, what the days were like, while Noah was alive. I can’t really comprehend, what was here before the human race, was created. Before, Adam, and Eve. Let’s just say it was so awful, bizarre, gross, vile, sick, terrible, malice, evil, enough, that today’s, dummed down peoples, would die, and will die, Get it. For the bible says, that what is going to come upon the earth, before Christ, returns, for men’s hearts will ( Luke 21:26) fail them. Which means your heart is going to explode, and just die inside, for fear. Because, you are so caught up in social media, and alike.

God, even says . My children will perish, due to ( Hosea 4:6) lack of knowledge, Get it? Especially the people whom reject Jesus, will suffer, boy oh boy, will you. If God will reject his own beloved ones, what do you think is in store for the Devils children, just a thought. Even in Leviticus, ancient times, God spoke these words. ( Leviticus 29:38), question, do you think Gods judgment will pass us by, the Great Divided States of the Great Americaaaaaaa, the great whom worships, everything that the Devil puts at our feet.

Music, television, I am guilty of that. Sports, cars, women-eve, toys, you name the, spoiler of yours, and my brain, not all are bad, but they can distract you form the truth. Smart Phones that are stealing, your humanity, wiping the knowledge of God from your souls, stealing your normal, brain function, to intermingle with other human beings, stealing you intellectual properties, and wisdom, that God gave each and everyone one of us. Throw your stinking soul stealing, brain washing, devil 666, mark of the beast, eventually, phone in the garage, and get a old style flip phones, before it is to late! Pick up the word of God. You will get what you need, to survive, this coming crazy times ahead.

 (Note) I do have a cheap version, of this type of phone. I do not use it, only for sending photos, of work completed, no more or no less. I am aware every time, I turn it on, my head hurts, when I use it, really weird, but true. Its off 99% of the time, period. I understand, the Devil,

The Governments, Medias best friend.

and his minions very well, praise the Lord, for discernment.

Look why I an here today, again. Is to try to warren you, is that we are coming, and are living in grave times. I know you have heard it all before, the  infamous wolfs cry. And the wolf, cries have been loud, and mostly world, unfortunate, to so tired of hearing all of this you give up. Do not give up.

When you favorite ( football) team, loses do you give up for that. No you are so hopeful for the next year, Get it?

Trust me I am so tired of profits,  alike, Christians placing dates, as to what is to come. If Jesus says he will come like a thief in the night, you will not no dates. He just refers us to stay, alert, be sharp, like you just drank, 3-4 cups of coffee, and 4 energy drinks, and are wide awake at all times, by using the intelligence he bestowed upon us, being able to commune with the Holy Ghost. Which takes a lot of work, to separate our carnal flesh, our thoughts, emotions, feeling from the eternal spirit, (Born Again)that God gave us. Don’t go to sleep, like the movie, They live. Sleep, sleep, obey, don’t question authority, consume. Sounds like today, Get it? Devil phone.

With the world truly at the brink of total destruction, well deserved. We are twenty, minutes or less. A submarine, off of the coast, could hit us within minutes, you won’t have time to take a dump.  This has only been possible, since subs were created, a few decades now. But they are so much more cloaked, and hard to locate, even for our Navy to discern, were they are, Get it? You need to be under the wings of the Lord of Lord’s, and King of King’s, for nothing can come against you, for if I am with you! Watch, the Series, Jericho, Jeremiah, Revolution, as to what the world would be like, after a nuke went off.

Then throw in every wicked vile, horror movie in the mix, of all of the demonic things, demons, from hell, wanting to eat man flesh, get it.
Lord of the Rings, great movie by the way!Good always wins over evil!

The time of man is over. The times of gross, vile, wicked, malice, unseemly, you name the things that will permeate the earth, as sure to come, and might already be here with us right now, black eyed people. Yes even Giants, 12, 15, 20 feet tall, having an appetite for humans. This is no joke, read the Bible. Start at Genesis 6. Then times it by , what a hundred, a thousand times worse, we just don’t know what is about to be unleashed on the world. A day, a week, a year, decade. No one knows, except for the Father himself. But he does give us clues, to discern. Difficult, sometimes you feel like we do live in a Matrix, like I have stated before, strange. But true. Ask yourself, what seals have been broken in Revelation, where are we in that time. We are pretty damn close, whether you want to believe it or not.

Look again, we are real close to returning to the days, of Noah. Look has the six seal been broken, (Revelation 6:4), where the red horse would take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one and another. Sure seems like it to me.  There has always been killings since Cane and Able. But cane had a reason, wars have reasons, murderers have reasons.

But the senseless, unseemly, killings, of today, were no one, even the killers can’t explain as to why, they did it. Demon possessed, right, Mk ultra, Governments, maybe? Things  being unleashed upon the world again, Noah’s times. Fallen angles have sex with human women. Incubus, and Succubus, having sex with humans today, You Tube it. Hollywierd actress having sex with demonic spirits. Ask yourself, why would God, totally wipe the human race from the earth, before, and not do it again?

Again well deserved, President Trump, might start a Nuclear war, that’s for sure, but it’s all in Gods timing not ours, no matter what the wicked and vile media, wants you to believe.

This paragraph, copied from another one of my posting, so apropos, though.

 Remember the crazies ( Matthew 13:49-50 ) are watching the, crazies.  ( Jude 1:15 ) The nuts are watching the asylums, the fox’s are watching the hen-house. Thou evil generation of vipers,( Isaiah 55:7 ) and they are truly demonic possessed, super soldiers, giants, to come. Sinners, homosexuality, walking dead, devil, demons, spirits, hybrids, test tube creations, fallen angels, anti christ, new agers, idolaters, fornicators,( Jude 1:7 ) feel good, lyingapostate churches, gossiping, back biting, sooth saying, card reading, wizards, shamans, voodoo, witchcraft,( Deuteronomy 18:10-11)witch doctors, sorcerers, palm readers, false prophets, astrology, remote viewingnumbers reading, and other false religions and teachings. I don’t care what you call them they are out to destroy you and me because of our love of CHRIST. I am witness to this, for witchcraft has come against us, from are wonderful neighbors. I pray Psalms, 55.

I want to reiterate, you need to repent, and ask Jesus to come into your heart, as to well explained on the main page. These times, will be so awful, I do not want to go through them. But it will be terrible, until Christ’s return, when he will again, purge the earth, like it once was before, well deserved. There is nothing good in, on, and especially below this earth that is worth saving. Thank the Lord for his Mercy, and love for his children, that due not deserve to be with him, of the Father, for his faithfulness, and truth.

One thing I want to say, is truly forgive me of my carnal foul language, I have spewed in my blog. The Lord abhors, my foul mouth. My flesh can get so caught up in this stinking rotten vile world, of politics, it drives me into my old self, that I have tried to kill off, with some success. But thank God for the Lord, he has purged so much of the world out of me, I am not what I used to be. I am a work in progress. But have a heart for Jesus Christ, to bring the world, the truth, not my foul mouth, forgive me, again, truly. I will try to refrain, from future posts, hopefully.

I use to pray for this country, not sure that it matters anymore, for the Lords judgment is at hand. But my prayers are instead that, the Lord, will hide his children from what is to come, under his wings. Whether it be here in the states, another country, and or other states. That the Lord, will bind his children together, so they will be able to go though wicked, vile to times to come. And he will have Mercy, to allow us to have enough water and food, heath, till his return, to be caught up in the air with him, Amen, and Amen.


Whether it be a Nuclear War, and/ or a Cataclysmic event, the world is going to burn up! Get It?



Jesus Christ hung on the cross, for yours and my sins.Where spikes were hammered into his hands and feet, then a sword was thrust into his side,his perfect, sinless blood was shed. Then it ran down his side, down his legs, off of his feet into the world, to purge the fallen world of mankind’s sin! The free gift of Salvation, for us


Every day that goes by, my soul feels uneasy. Again, as I watch, all of the world slowly but surely, coming unraveled. End times, Get It? As I see the wicked and vile and proud, ( Proverbs 16:5) lost souls, Homosexuals, Transvestites, ( Jeremiah 51:37), are we, the daughter, and Lesbians, and all of the perverts, of the Devil, and of the world, and Media( Ecclesiastes 6:2) and alike, governments and Hollywierd, ( Ecclesiastes 9:5) and cohorts, protestors, ( Psalm 55:21) all over the world, and all of their demons coming alive, to watch all of the unseemly, ( Ecclesiastes 2:26) and perverted ( Nahum 1:3) views that are all against the Lord , Jesus Christ, himself.

The one and only one who can save the lost. That I witness each and every day, spewing hatred for him, who came to set them free, of their wicked ways. The one whom they spit on, and want to hang him again and again on the Cross, to shed his perfect and Holy blood so sad.

Here comes a rich, ( 5 Ecclesiastes 18:20) bold, brash, crude, tell it like it is, a sinner like, I use to be. For I am washed by perfect Holy Blood. With a beautiful wife, I am not referring to her presence, even though, she is by far the most gracious, ( Proverbs 29:2) and lovely first lady we have ever seen, that does not belong to a vile( Isaiah 1:28) New World Order, ( 2 Micah1:3)  Get It? Rockefeller’s, ( Proverbs 22:16) and such alike. That day, of the Presidents speech, in Florida. When the First Lady, spoke the Lords prayer, I just was in shock to hear that the Lords name was invoked, coming from people that actually came from, Washington D.C.. Tears rolled down my face, I could not hold them back, due to the fact, that God was aloud back in the chamber of horrors, ( Hosea 11:7) that the last vile Muslim president, too bad, and his wicked man wife, was aloud to destroy the Lords name and take it in vain each and every day they opened their mouths, woe unto them.

For God always, gets his Justice, in some manner. For he has the keys to Heaven and Hell, Get It? The Bible says, that life is but a shadow, passing by!Get It? God says the wicked shall live a short life. Heart Attack, diseases such as cancer, for God is a just God. We think we are going to live a long life, woe unto them who cross the Lord!

Sound familiar, Get It? Sandy Hook? ( Hosea 13:16) Deserved?

Also mister President, due not try to appease the wicked, protesters, and their ilk, the lost half. Jesus says, ( Proverbs 22:24)Look they will never be your friend they hate you, Get It? (Proverbs 29:27) But I have to remind myself, it was like 9-11, the Lord tried to open our eyes,( Daniel 9:14) as to why our once Christian Nation was being ( Proverbs 20:27) judged. Hussein,( Isaiah 1:15) and his vile man wife. Get It, transsexual bathrooms. Was Gods judgment on our nation. ( Isaiah 1:4) He was showing us, what was to come, if his children, did not repent, ( Jeremiah 8:5) and stand up and fight against the evil, that was fomenting upon our once Christian Nation, as such! If we repent, Christ says ( Jeremiah 31:34) .Christ says, that he prays not for the world, but for his children.

As well as, he holds us accountable for the many reasons, why many things happen in this world, Get It? Sodom and Gomorrah, the flood. ( Isaiah 5:24), Get It? Lost your home, finances, family, wealth, ( Ezekiel 39:24) and alike, remember, what was, shall be again, ( Zephaniah 3:6) if we do not stand up for righteous sake, amen, an amen.

Because we refused to speak against the unseemly, and vile children of the Devils, Get It. Media, the progressive, communist, socialist, and congress, and all of the ilk. That refuse to repent, of their wicked ways.

Well I refuse to let it continue. I will speak the truth, no matter what the cost. For the Lords judgment is at hand, and he is waiting to see what, his children do with what has been given to us, the final Trumpet.

To bring this once Christ centered nation back, into his Godly chambers, and take it back from ( Isaiah 29:4) the followers of the Devil. By the way, God also, chooses. He also is, in a way not politically correct. He choose us from our mothers womb, Get It? As to were evil comes directly from some mothers womb, could that be you to whom he was speaking about, just a thought. Christ, and you know the truth, and whom you are!  You command us to pray for our enemies, ( 2 Isaiah 19:22)  and the fallen. I pray that they read the truth that is in front of them. And it pierces each and everyone of their hearts, that they repent, from their wicked and vile ways, ( Proverbs 19:23) and come back unto the living waters, and come unto salvation as such.

For you whom are against Israel, Islam, and the Muslim nations, and their ilk, here and abroad. ( Zechariah 14:12)You will taste the Lords judgment.  

Also those apostate Pastors, such was at the D.N.C chair, Muslim, preaching lies to the world. And all of the rest, whom spouse, all of their lies and deceits, unto the world, and pews alike. Catholics, Buddhist, Mormons, Jehovah Witness, Islam, and all of the thousands, of sects, whom are all deceived by demons, and the Devil alike. (23 Jeremiah 1:2)  You also gave us Psalms. One comes to mind that I also pray, for those whom refuse to repent, and stop all of the vile things Lord, that they are doing, to you, and your children alike.

King David’s Prayer ( Psalms 55:15). It says, Let death seize upon them, and let them go down quick into hell: for wickedness is in their dwellings, and among them.  


Cracker, Nigger, Gook, Wetback, boy oh boy, what have we become as a Nation?


Jesus Christ hung on the cross, for yours and my sins.Where spikes were hammered into his hands and feet, then a sword was thrust into his side,his perfect, sinless blood was shed. Then it ran down his side, down his legs, off of his feet into the world, to purge the fallen world of mankind’s sin! The free gift of Salvation, for us

Cracker, Nigger, Gook, Wetback, boy oh boy, what have we become as a Nation?

I put cracker, first, because we are so privileged, Get It? Idiots.

Again, I don’t know why I listen to the Demon possessed Media, except, the old adage, to keep your friends close, and enemies closer, like the President says. He is absolutely right, the press has absolutely, lost it’s credibility with the world, and especially this Nation, who is participating of the destruction, and the absolute carnage, they are perpetrating on the world, too bring into the Devils will, and the New World Order, to usher in the Antichrist, even though some may being ignorant, but I believe most have sold their soles to the Devil, period. Or they hate Jesus because he is white!

I was watching in the am on a liberal TV. station, a most Joyful, punt intended, Christ hating, bigoted, racist, black woman, who spews how her unforgiving heart, as well as the (2) Latinos, that were against a white privileged guest host, oh my, gee Louise, back the truck up. Oh God, why oh why do I have to be white, and black and / or brown, idiots.

Oh, gee I forget, one if not both Latinos, are suffering so much, because of their strife, that they live in. Gee, they only live in some poor, black, and / or Latino gang infested neighborhoods, right. Don’t worry if you do, Trump to the rescue, soon. They eat beans, and rice all day. They drive, a old beater, so much suffering, freaking hypocrites. Oh, I didn’t forget, the Joyful, one, but she cant be rich, she isn’t worth anymore more than minimum wage, because, she is so ignorant, and stupid, and they cant possibly pay her too much. If they do, they’re wasting good old filthy money on this so called journalist. Oh like a use to be Kelly on another station, good riddance to her also, man hater.

She, both need to go back to McDonald’s, and flip burgers, that’s where people, like these belong. Out of public eyes, so they don’t have to be looked at, so gross. Their hearts are black as spades. That way, they can serve us men, and white privileged folks, idiots.

How dare a white cracker, Christ follower, dare be allowed to speak his mind today, we are all so racist, because we believe in one God, and one way into heaven, you know ( John 14:6) oh that’s such a racist thing to espouse. It really has, opened up a time, that I was not sure in my lifetime, that I would never see the end of the world to come, to it’s final completion, as the bible so Clearly states. With factual and clear evidence, that can no longer be denied or disputed, even by the Christ haters, and deniers.

They may not say it to your face, but I would love to be a fly on their walls, when they are at home, or talking in their offices, what a wicked web they have spun. Maybe not, they are all so gross, the fly would stick to the wall, and could not escape. They would then, throw me into their beans, and rice and probably eat me!

Again forgive me of my carnal flesh, but I too have to deal with all of this crap that is being stirred up, because of all of the idiots ( New World Order) perpetrated a civil war to come, unfortunately. Unless, this nation repents, and This President, can root out all of this evil, and destroy Washington, and all of it’s cohorts as such. Drain the swamp, and Jesus will cast them all into Hell, along with the vile, and wicked Media, and such alike. As to all of the groups, that hate Jesus.

By the way, my sister, and my daughter were both marching on the pink streets. They will also go to hell if they don’t repent, and turn back from their unrepentant ways, that is taking them both, down the wide road to destruction, ( 7 Matthew 13:14) which is eternal damnation, as the bible says. The sad thing it says, that few find the narrow path. Makes me sad.

Before I came to write this, posting. I sat quietly, and asked to the Lord, what I should put, this came to me was Psalm 43.

Judge me, O God, and plead my cause against an ungodly nation: O deliver me from the deceitful and unjust man. For thou art the God of my strength: why dost thou cast me off? why go I mourning because of the oppression of the enemy? O send out thy light and thy truth: let them lead me; let them bring me unto thy holy hill, and thy tabernacles, Then will I go unto the altar of God, unto God my exceeding joy: yea, upon the harp will I praise thee, O god my God. Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? hope in God: for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God.

I have said it before and I will say it again, the Bible clearly sates that any Nation divided against it’s self will not stand. My brothers and sisters in Christ, if you are not the apple of Gods, eye. Trust me, I ask this question of myself every day, gladly. Because, Hell scares the shit out of me. It is real, and most will be there, surely!

Like God says, I am the same today, and yesterday, and forever. He will never change, we have change our hearts, souls and minds, and repent. To enter unto his glorious kingdom, Get It. Media, Politicians, and all who follow the Devils, and his ways!

Until we meet again, may the force be with you, the good side.

Cracker, Nigger, Gook, Wetback, boy oh boy, what have we become as a Nation?



Jesus Christ hung on the cross, for yours and my sins.Where spikes were hammered into his hands and feet, then a sword was thrust into his side,his perfect, sinless blood was shed. Then it ran down his side, down his legs, off of his feet into the world, to purge the fallen world of mankind’s sin! The free gift of Salvation, for us


Also after watching what is happening, all over the world, due to the fact that Hussein as well as all of the past idiots, who ran the White-house, has allowed all, of these different religions, and sects into the country on purpose, to mash all religions together, Get it. One world religion, One World Order, I pray that the blood of Jesus, Mr. President Trump, you are careful (Matthew 15:11 ) with all of the newest technologies that is of the Devil. Smart grids, Smart Highways, Smart Meters, Smart Phones, Smart Piece of shit cars, cameras on every street corner, Satellites, Drones, New York, TV’s, listening, Refrigerators, Lamp’s, Light bulbs, Thermostats. I pray, with the Blood of Jesus, that you are wise as a serpent, and slow to move, as a snail. I would run from, Silicon Valley, they are of the devil, and flaunt it. Coming soon the Mark of the beast,666. They have sold their soles to the Devil, for wealth and fame, ask them. They will tell you yes they did, proudly.

Like the letter carrier days, with the notes you spoke of, old is better. You may, and/ or maybe not be doing this on purpose, not sure, could be setting up, this nation onto taking of the mark of the beast, 666. Because of all of the people that have been, allowed to enter into are great nation, please take things slow. Total confusion, is done on purpose, confusion of the Devil, it is his main goal. Be careful as the fast deal maker you are use to being, because, your maker, God is watching what you are doing to his children. We will never except the mark of the beast, I pray you are not, the one who will fulfill, the Devils agenda, for you were put into office by the Evangelicals, remember, don’t go against us, with this Bio-metric crap, Eye Scan, Facial Recognition, Finger prints, D.N.A, 666. There has to be another way, such as a government, issued and protected, new social Security card, that is all ready not unlike unto the mark of the beast, but is already in use. Just a thought. Still hate it.

I was watching the old Classic MTV, music station hearkening back to the simpler life, when you had to run down to a pay phone to make a call. You were free of the worlds, crap, and could care less, what shoes that your best friend wore to school. Bunch of idiots. By the way, all of this blog has not been written on, high speed internet. It has been a labor of love. You know, schcccccc, the old noise, what a glorious sound, the sound of day gone by!

When Homosexuals, Lesbians, Tran gender’s were fearful, of the Lord.( 13 Matthew 49:50 ) Repent, Repent and Repent, turn from your wicked ways, the Lord says. When your neighbors, spoke English, not 15 other languages, you get the point. It’s not your language again, it’s your unbridled rebellion against us Christ followers. When you called a company, and some that spoke actual English, answered the phones, who could actually understand what you were saying. The machine didn’t ask what language do you want, pretty ($^#*) up! I hate what this nation has become, a melting pot of a bunch of ( Matthew 23:27) Devil Worshiping by design, brain washed by our Elementary Schools, Junior, and High Schools, and especially the Peter Puffing, Turd Burglars, Transvestites, Lesbian, Muff loving, Mastering baiting, Selfies loving liberals teaching that heather has two mommies, boy oh boy. We are so screwed up, it makes me sick.

I miss the days, when your airbag, was when your head slammed into the steel dash, that’s when we were a real country, and were real men, not these dummed downed, Mal nutrition, feminized, wimpy bunch of pussies, that the Devil is producing today, by design, D.N.A. G.M.O, Chem-trails, Get it. New World Order. Destroy the God gene, that the Lord created. sorry but truth is truth. The Devil, as well as all of the New World Order, are trying to outlast this last generation, of real men, due to the fact that they know we are all willing, to die for Christ, and the Country we live in, and will not except anymore the path that it is heading on!

I am not a racist at heart, only the Lord knows my heart, I have to pray, against these demons all of the time. I am just pissed off, at the New World Order, and what it has accomplished, so far.

Do to the fact that most Christians, have remained silent during this take over, of our once Christian Heritage, that has been flushed down the toilets, buy too many sects, and other religions trying to vie, for the sole of this country, Get IT?

Jesus says ( Matthew 20:16), So the last shall be first, and the first last; for many be called but few are chosen. Maybe, just maybe, all of these Demon possessed, people that claim to be self righteous, are a little bit jealous, because, of our standing, The called out ones, with the Lord, that are sins are forgiven, and theirs aren’t, maybe huh? Remember Christ does not judge you by the color of you skin, like us humans do. It’s the malice, black hearts of the humans race that follows the Devil, that he takes umbrage too.

It not about your color of you skin, it’s about your religion, and your devil worshiping beliefs, that worry me. And your hatred for Jesus. You are all, Pharisees, Hypocrites, the Lord says. You are full of unclean spirits, ( Matthew 10:1) are beholden to the Devil. You are all taking the wide road to destruction. ( 7 Matthew 13:14 ) And you all know it so true. I could give two shits, about you color of your skin.

I use to be able to say that we all put our pants on the same way, but we are so perverted I cant say that anymore, but we bleed the same color. At least I think we do. Not sure any more, due to all of the tampering with D.N.A, you know.

It really saddens me that the Devil, has gotten so far into our heart, soles , and minds. ( Matthew 13:11) Us Born Again Christians again, are to blame. We have sat quietly by watching our nation and Gods truth being trashed and thrown out the window, and our country literally.

Well, I will not take your shit no more, Devil, I hate you, you son of a bitch. Your and your demons, can all go to hell literally, and be bound through the blood of Jesus. Because us Christians, have power over you, you know. Through the most Precious, Holy, Perfect blood to ever be, and never more to inhabit the earth. Yes the wife and I, have power over demons, and rebuke them as Christ did in the scripture, believe it or not!

As I see what is happening today, in my country, yes my country. It is not a Mexican, Muslim, Chinese, Asian, or whatever, it is an English speaking Christian Nation, period. I say this, with a saddened heart, do to this is really not my home. My real place is with Jesus, up in Heaven, I have to remind myself, I am just traveling trough this forgotten land, of the once greatest nation that has ever been. Don’t know if it will ever be, due to that fact that all of these devil worshiping religions have been allowed to permeate, are once Christian nations, and values as such. I love my country. You all can hate it, that’s your prerogative.

I can see the Bloods and the Crypts, the Nortenos, Surenos, the Skinheads, and the KKK, all having each other over for a beer and dinner, before, all these apostate, religions will never get together, that’s a fact. It will never happen, there will never be peace as long as of these cultures are here in this country, we will have to kick them out, to have peace. But the world will really hate us, oh well. And by the way, even if it does go to nuclear war, I have no fear.

My heart lye’s with the Lord, I welcome the first bomb over my, home, literally. The wife and I will just be with the Lord, I feel sorry for the rest of the non believers, they will suffer, as meant to, do to their, rebellion against Jesus Christ.


I love, mankind, because God commands me too, not necessarily because I want to that’s the truth. All I see, in the world is my old self, and I do not like what I use to be. That’s why I hate the world, you all represent the Devil, and are either, gladly, or inadvertently chasing him by the tail. It doesn’t matter which the point is you hate the word of Christ, as all who has come before you, if you did belong to Christ.

I will never allow, your religion to impose your beliefs over mine own. And destroy my relationship that I have with my father, God. You are all liars, period, read the Bible, it says what it says.
Jesus is the only one, ( John 14:6) who will be able to bring mankind together, where Lion, will lay next to the lamb, where cat and mouse will be one, where we will all be under the authority of Jesus Christ, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, Get it?

This world, and this nation will never have peace, it is impossible, period. It cannot happen. The anti-Christ, when he stands up to claim to be the christ, will be a false christ to all. He will try to represent, all of the other religions. It will all be a lie, a fake, counterfeit.

Sorry, but Islam, and Muslims, there are some peaceful, but the rest are like cancer, you have to eradicate, and kill it, or it will continue to spread throughout the body, Get it. We cant afford one cancer cell to enter to our country, for sickness will, surely kill all of the rest, and will permeate into our culture to try to destroy it eventually. Go Trump. Kick all of them out, who hate this country, the hell out while you can, or at least root all of the Islam sympathizers, and kill them, as such. They will never except Christ, as their King, period. Maybe King Kong.

May you Mr. President, be successful, in the Lords, bidding. And his will be done. If you are of the Lord, that’s all you need. But we Christ followers, have you back, if needed. No matter what the task, is.




Jesus Christ hung on the cross, for yours and my sins.Where spikes were hammered into his hands and feet, then a sword was thrust into his side,his perfect, sinless blood was shed. Then it ran down his side, down his legs, off of his feet into the world, to purge the fallen world of mankind’s sin! The free gift of Salvation, for us


As you read the Bible. You can see that, due to Abraham’s, adulterous affair, which was against the Lord. Abraham and Sarah did not wait to have children, as the Lord told them too! Abraham had sex with his servant, instead of waiting on the Lords timing.

So due to his, adulterous affair, with his maid servant Agar, they had Ishmael,  against Gods will. God spoke clearly that the promise that Sarah, and Abraham, would have, for his Son’s Isaac, and Jacob, would not be found in the linage, of Ishmael.

God blessed these nations, with all of the riches, but they would never enter into the promise land, period. But they were also cursed buy (3 Galatians 10:14) God, as to they would never have peace, until the Lord, comes back to purge the earth of all the wickedness, including us, as a Nation if we don’t repent. And bring his children unto a new land, which the Lord will reign, King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords. The Dome of the Rock, Israel.

Look the Muslim, Islam world, will never except our way of life, period. Allah, is the devil in him self, period.

They want all Christians, and Jews to be wiped off of the earth, Get It! The promise was passed through Abraham, unto the Gentiles, Christian, not any other sects, and / or religions which are against the Lord. Muslims, Buddhist, Catholics, Mormons, Jehovah Witness, especially, the most vile of all is Islam, there are thousands of sects which believe they have the promise, which they unequivocally, absolutely, no other way into heaven (John 14:6) you get the drift, they are all cursed except, Born Again, Believers, the called out ones.

Read the Bible, it’s what it, says, like I said it before, it does not matter what you believe in, you are still Judged by it and it’s laws that are ascribed unto, this worlds D.N.A, whether you like it or not. If you don’t, believe it you are still, going to burn, sorry but its the truth.

I am just the messenger its not easy, because the world hates you, (Mark 6:11) your families, and friends scorn you, and the worse is that the Devil, is out to destroy, like a roaring Lion.

And it Sucks, that such wicked is allowed to somewhat prevails, against the Lords children, but that’s the price you have to pay ,Get It. Pick up my cross daily, so you have chance to enter into the Glory, of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghosts, kingdom, otherwise there’s Hell fire, and brimstone, of eternal suffering, which, is something I cant, and don’t even want to contemplate, due to it scares the shit out of me, it is the most terrible thing that you can’t imagine, but you will know when the Lord, snap’s the silver cord, from your soul, and you will be judged and cast into the fiery lake. If you do not know Jesus, the only way unto heaven, period.

Look the reason this is all came up, is due to the Presidential decree, and all of the crap the vile, gross media (Matthew 15:11)in spewing on the brain washing idiot tube. ( Matthew 15:13)Talking about the ban of some peoples from terrorists countries who hate, us, and want to wipe us off of the earth, Which, that wonderful Muslim, ex president, thank God, thank God, can due no more harm, to this great Christian Nation, who God has so mercifully, bestowed a place of refuge, for Jews, and Christians to escape, for tyranny, Get It? George the Great!

Your right, we have been the most gracious nation on earth to provide an place of, for all peoples who want to come here to have a better life. This has all but destroyed, are sovereignty, due to other cultures do want to assimilate, in to ours Christian, values and beliefs.

Look if you do not like it here, then get the hell out of my country, we are not going to allow other cultures to pervert, destroy, our heritage, of our Christian beliefs, there will be civil, war. The blue collard worker will, and cannot take anymore, of this judgment from other nations, trying to impose their ways of life on us, no more! This is a fact, us Christians will not allow, this to happen. We are waiting on the Lord, to give us this time and place this will happen.

We of course, Pray that this will never happen, but if Islam, Muslims and what ever other devil worshiping religions want to change our cultures, screaming Allah, Allah, and their loud speakers on a top of their, Devil worshiping temples, in Michigan. You need to Repent, and Repent of their wicked ways.

If you cant, we do not want you here!

Look even so, lets say the lies that are out there, stating that there is about only 1%, maybe 2% that are terrorists, in these supposed the most wonderful, Christian loving groups, Muslims, and Islam. Which is a false fact, like, the lies, the fake, gross, vile supposed news media. They make up their facts to suit their lies, they perpetrate on the world, Get it, New World Order.

If I set 10 glasses of water in front of you,  and I told you that (1) was full of cancer and you knew, if you drank it you would die, and / or  head chopped off, boiled in oil, drowned in cages. And I asked you take a chance, and drink one of the glasses of water, and used the same analogy, would you drink it.
You freaking liars, I no damn well, all of you Devil, worshiping hypocrites, would not take the chance. The only reason you are standing up, is because you serve the Devil, and all ,of demons, that posses you, read the Bible. (7 Mark 20:23)

Its just like the devil worshiping Catholic Pope, ( Mark 13:22) spewing his vile hatred for Christians, and this 45th President. By the way Pope, shut the (#$@&) up. The only reason is because the Majority of the Latinos, legal, and ill legal, are beholden unto the Devil worshiping, Catholic religion, which will suck every penny they have, to build his golden walls around his comfy, devil worshiping home, the Vatican. Whom has killed more Christians then even Muslims, and /or Islam, to date anyway.

At least the 45th President, worked his ass of to coat his walls in Gold, and didn’t steal it from, everyone else like all of the self righteous, groups, of supposed Jesus loving religions.
We need the wall, we don’t need anymore people that due not believe in out Constitution, and / or our Flag, and it’s values. Lets see you go over to China, or pick any other Socialists country and see if they will except, Muslims, Islam, Mexicans, Jews, into their country, and put another faith in charge of their country, get it president, Muslim in chief. It wont happen, they are to smart to let, their sovereignty of their people be destroyed by none believers, that’s their right, as it is our right, as Christians, to vette, anyone who wants to change, modify, and /or destroy our beliefs in the one true God, who’s breath, breathed life unto our nation that has never existed until we arrived in, the world. By the way, it was by white people. Punt Intended.

Who welcomed you all into our country so gracelessly, whom are trying now to get rid of us white folks, and / or Christians alike, gee, sounds a little, perplexing, Get It? Look one hard cold fact, we as a nation, as well as all others, if we don’t repent, and turn back towards God, we are Doomed, Get It, Mayas, Egyptians, Romans, as such!

I am so tired of this clash of cultures it makes me sick. Thanks New World Order, the Devils best ally and most, and not if all of the Ex Presidents that also worshiped, and worships the Devil, the 45th I am hopeful. Only God knows, woe unto him if he goes against the Lord, like the rest who are probably in hell. ( John 14:6 ) My skin color is better then yours, you suck, you are white, no blacks sucks, you brownies suck, yellows suck, you, we, all need to shut up. MEDIA, LEFT( Matthew 25:41) WING, AND SOME RIGHT WING. ( Matthew 27:36) Hypocrites!


By the way the reason I speak of our white Lilly ass, or white skin color, is to get the point across, how do you all like it, shut the hell up, about diversity.

Whose diversity, whom you speak of yours? Because as a blue eyed cracker I don’t fell welcome, with you all!

Again the Muslim, and Islam, faith will never fit into our culture, if they would then they would then take that stupid, Rag off their head, and veil off of their face and put on a Baseball Cap instead, well maybe a Cowboy Hat, then you will become an American, not UN holy religion, that hates Jesus, Period, Get it. Fit in, or get out!

One thing I want to reiterate, this blog is about the wife’s and my walk learning the Love of Christ, I know I am not the wimpy, kind of Christian you are use too! But I love all of humanity, but I disagree, with all who hate Jesus, Period. Love the sinner, but hate the sin, that’s why I stand up for the Lords truth, that clearly states what’s I put in this blog. With a smidgen of my, carnal flesh, sorry! But I am human, and not perfect, you know!

Also to all you  who have so much passivity, look what Christ says, about this. ( Luke 14:26) If you love the world, you are a enemy of mine, Jesus says.

I Pray, that we( Luke 6:28 ) all learn to except, all peoples of the world, with love, and respect. But we don’t have to let them come into our nation and with ill will towards our people, and who want to destroy our Nation as such!


Separating the Wheat from the Chaff


Jesus Christ hung on the cross, for yours and my sins.Where spikes were hammered into his hands and feet, then a sword was thrust into his side,his perfect, sinless blood was shed. Then it ran down his side, down his legs, off of his feet into the world, to purge the fallen world of mankind’s sin! The free gift of Salvation, for us

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

It is Jan, 21 2017. As I watched with true skepticism when the 45th President was elected. My spirit, rose up and asked is he Wheat, or Chaff. You cannot be both. Jesus says that you cannot serve two (2) masters (6 Matthew 6:24) either you will love the one or hate the other. Mr. President, do you Love, your money, power, and fame more then the Lord, you ask? Or are you going to serve the Lord, and reject all that the, wickedness, that is trying to persuade, you with guilt from Hell.

Or are you going to do the right thing, and turn the Country a 180 degrees, and save the nation, as such? Just a thought! Like all of the Presidents, that who have come before, I believe, that they were all CHAFF. He says that you cannot be Luke warm, he will spew you out of his mouth. So true. Again where does the 45th President heart lye, only God knows the truth. Some say that he excepted Jesus as his Savior, if so, and if not, especially he is in big trouble. I know for a fact that the supposed, Conservatives, Democrats, and what ever else you call them, who all came out of the wood work, when the house caught on fire, and they scurried from the corners, into the light, and was exposed as to where their hearts lye, really!

When the ship, was taking on water, and had no faith, they all jumped into the shark infested waters, so all could see the truth, and the Demons from Hell, all attacked the weak, like a roaring Lion. You have all been exposed, you are busted.

You have bought into the big lie of the Devil.


Also, these Demons, from Hell itself, are all praying against, the Lord, and his children and including the 45th President, I pray, that we will finally stand up for the Lord. Amen, and Amen.

First I am not judging the young lady in the hat, I don’t know her heart. God does. But you tell me what these supposed Cat ears, Bunny ears or whatever looks like you tell me?

My heart, sometimes, wants to be the racist they proclaim me to be, sometimes I could give a rats but, if that’s what they say, believe me. I sometimes welcome it! But, again I ,know what the Lord expects from me, to love the sinner, and completely reject, and to stand up against the vile sins, of the world that are being displayed unto  the world with these marches, and all in the world, who are following all of the wickedness, that is rearing it’s veiled head, for the abyss. (1 Romans 24:32) Homosexuals, Lesbians, Feminists, Liberalism, Witch Craft, Voodoo ,Card Readers, and all of the rest of the wicked groups, that have a Reprobate mind, that  is given unto them, and all who do not want to be told that they are sinners, especially the Gross, Vile, Sick, Demented, Lost soles of the Media, makes me ill to watch. And all are being Judged by the Lord almighty, and are going to Hell in a hand basket, if they don’t repent, and turn from the wickedness on display. you get the drift.

Everything that is against the word of God. Sodom and Gomorrah, get it? The Floods, you no Noah!

These poor soles, who are, and will perish, into the abyss, and burn in Hell, are so full, and possessed by Demons, that don’t even know what they are doing, expect serving the Devil and his dominions, as such.

And especially all of the Hollywood, derelicts, that have sold their soles to the Devil, and seen on You Tube, woe unto you, for you are dammed. And Hell waits  for you with open arms.


Christ says he came to set you free. But you must repent, ( Luke 9:56) and repent. Like I said before in the blog, we are at a true crossroads, of this Nation, being completely wiped off the map, and completely obliterated from history, if we do not stop, all of the wickedness, and stand up against the evil, that is trying too prevail, over this Nation, that was once a Christian nation. We must, unequivocally stand up for Jesus’ righteousness, and his dying on the cross, for all sinners like you and me!

The one world religion, that is trying to permeate all over the world, must be stopped. But this will only be temporary, for the Bible clearly, says that it will eventually have to come into completion, so Christ can return to save his children from complete destruction, from the wicked, and the Antichrist.

Butt, until that time, we must all make a stand against, all of the demonic, wicked devil worshipers, that are trying to erode the once values of the greatest Christ centered Nation that it once was!

You have heard it before, this is our Christian Nation, if you don’t like it here get the Hell out of here, period. You can all go back to where it is you came from, I don’t care, take all of your vile, wicked, and hatred for my Father, and his Son, and leave.

My you repent, if you can’t then leave, please!

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff





Jesus Christ, Salvation, Forgiveness
Jesus Christ hung on the cross, for yours and my sins.Where spikes were hammered into his hands and feet, then a sword was thrust into his side,his perfect, sinless blood was shed. Then it ran down his side, down his legs, off of his feet into the world, to purge the fallen world of mankind’s sin! The free gift of Salvation, for us.


OK, it is September the 1st,  2014,it has been 2-3 months since I have updated the blog. Here’s why. I copied this from the update, on Pride and Self Aggrandizing page, anyway.

(UPDATE) September 1st, 2014. Let me first confess, that I am as dumb as a rock. For months I have been crying out unto the LORD, stating, that I have been so dry, as to why it has been 2-3 months since I have not, up dated the blog with anything. I know some of you probably wished I were dead, no such luck. Anyway, I am going to stray off a little, so bare with me. My prayer sessions, with the LORD are at best Sporadic, well maybe not that bad. But differently needs  BIG improvement, that’s for sure.

Let me say, the LORD is always on my tongue,  my thoughts,  every moment, ( Psalm 56:17) every hour, and every day. This is not a lie, the LORD knows this to be true. I don’t always say it out loud, but my will is to stay as close as possible, but Invariably, I always fall way short of GODS glory. But I try to remember, every drink of water, every bite I eat, everything that I have, I always give thanks unto the LORD, because there’s no guarantee, that you will have it tomorrow.

I am always trying to confess out loud to the Angels, and the devils, that roam this world, that JESUS is LORD of LORD, and KING of KINGS. I always praise his name, unfortunately, I still also get upset, and stressed out too! I know, the devil, beats me up though. But my walk is much stronger now then before, and getting better all the time, leaning to trust and walk with FATHER. Anyway, I love the LORD so, much, I can never thank him enough for dragging me out of this fallen devils world, and saved this old rotten, filthy, stinking sole. God do I love the FATHER.

I digress, anyway, what do I mean, by that. Well, the devil, is always, trying to ruin my day, by causing me to be angry, upset, indifferent, stressed out, you get the point, each and every second, minute, and every day. So by the time I go to bed, I can’t have a meaningful prayer with my FATHER. Sometimes I try to sit and pray for 15 min, 30min, 1, 2,3 hours. To no avail, I can’t sit still, to hear that quiet voice that I am in so much love with, the sweetest, most loving voice that just cradles, your broken hearted sole, that quenches all of your worldly desires. That whispers, I love you son, that melts your heart, and draws you near. A love that permeates your sole, one that can’t be explained in this world, but I try.

I took me this long as to why the Holy Ghost, went quiet, what a dork I am. I am so stupid, last night when I went to bed, I was calm, I had a humble spirit, I was yearning for some time to spend with the FATHER, and his SON, and the HOLY GHOST. It only happens once in a while, all my fault, no excuses, I am totally to be blamed 100%, it’s all my fault.

GOD is the same  today, tomorrow, and forever, he never changes, we only do. We can choose to come to him humbly, broken hearted, or the other way and victory to the devil.

I am the one who allows the devil, to destroy my prayer sessions, all because he throws trouble at my feet daily, causes me to stumble, have doubts, anxiety and let me say he is damn good at it. But once in a while, like I said he, fails, and I am open unto the LORDS, wisdom. My heart is like a CD, ready to be written on, praise GOD, for you are worthy.

Long story short, It just dawned on me last night, when I come to the FATHER for some quiet time, I go into a very deep trance, or something like that my, mind goes quiet, I have very little thoughts, I just can listen, and this is what happens. My heart is ready to receive the word form the LORD, Amen, and Amen.

OK, the Spirit of Offense, is straight up from the devil, just asked Peter, remember he denied CHRIST (3) times, ( Luke 22:34) and the LORD foretold him that it would happen, all because the demon, spirit, devil of offense, and I might also say demon of fear. This demon, devil and / or spirit is one that has haunted the LORDS children since the beginning of time. It causes the unsuspecting, the ignorant, dummed down Christians, as to why we fail our commission, that JESUS has us to do. For fear the the politically correct, world might take an offense to the truth, that they don’t want to be convicted, of because it offends, them so they cast that demon right back on us, most of the time unwittingly. However. Once you understand that you have, power to overcome this demon, through the blood of JESUS, you will be able to, somewhat, get hold of it, to wrestle with it, and bind it.

Yes even I, the ones who loves and professes the name of the LORD, I caught with my pants, down. I am just beginning to see it, and am in the process of learning how to stop it.

This is just one story. One day, I don’t remember who was with me. We just came out from eating lunch, and had gotten into the car. I as usual had started to preach the gospel to the person next to me. Of course I was loud and proud as usual. I noticed a person, that had come out of the restaurant, and had walked by my truck. The window was down, and some how, I felt my spirit, being attacked by the spirit of offence, and tied up my tongue, and put fear into my heart to lower my voice, and not to offend the person walking by. Boy oh boy, this one is a mighty warrior for the devil, and is all over GODS children, with a vengeance, just ask Peter.

Also just recently, the LORD has been putting it upon my heart to pray, for one of my competitors, that is in the same construction industry that we are in. Also a friend of mine. His wife has been sick with bi-polar, another demon, later. We were on are way home, when I felt the LORD say, stop and go pray for lets use the name, Steve’s wife.

I just whipped the truck around, told the wife the LORD says lets go, so we went. As we knocked on the door, Steve answered said hey, whats going on. I shot the breeze for a quick moment, and told him why we were here. He said oh, he knows we are both believers and lovers of JESUS. Anyway, he said shes not feeling to well, and does not liked to be prayed for.

I told him, well if you don’t care, can we go see here. He went and asked she said yes. So she came out to the living room, we all sat there for a few minutes just talking about nothing of importance, then I started to tell her why we were here. She said, I would love to be prayed for, the LORD is so Good. So the wife sat on one side of her and me on the other.

As we started to pray, I had to start off with why I believe she was so sick. That she was a sinner and was in need of a savior to cleanse her of all of her transgressions. That there is one way into heaven, ( John 14:6).

Anyway, as we had started to pray, I felt that demon come at me again, I was worried what my friend might be think of, what I am calling his wife a sinner. It really caused me to stumble, due to the fact I let it interrupt my thoughts  and prayers for her.

I feel so dirty, and ashamed that I let it happen again. It is a nefarious demon, that is relentless. If you ever wondered why you feel this way, this is why. But the LORD is bringing it to my attention, so I can do battle with this piece of crap demon.

I am just trying to help, you make your walk more, victorious, so you know you have power( Matthew 10:1) over all of these things, as long as you believe it, and are aware of what their motives are.


You must overcome,( Revelation 2:7)to enter into gods glory.

You have to make a stand for CHRIST, right( Revelation 3:21) now. Or it will be to late. You will be to weak to stand, when you need it the most. If you have to die for a cause, what a cause to die for. Don’t let this spirit, shut you down, be bold in whom gave his life for you and I.

Beware, don’t fall pray to the politically demon possessed crowd, that the devil is thrusting upon the world today, to help usher in the Anti-Christ.

Long story short, the wife heard from the LORD as we were praying, for her that she would not except the truth that see was being told. She had gotten much better for a few days, then got worse, because she denied the truth, and did not except what had been preached to her, get it, free will.

Fight, fight and fight. Your sole and victory in CHRIST, depends upon it. This is just one of the thousands, if not ten of thousands, of demons, devils and spirits that are roaming the earth today, battling with the human race, again whether you want to believe or not. Stay true to the word, read it as much as humanly possible, absorb like a sponge.



Woe to those whom, believe they are going to live forever!



 Woe to those whom, believe they are going to live forever! I oftened wondered, about why people want to live forever. When you read the Bible, it talks specifically about many of the Lord’s chosen ones living in their 600’s, 700’s, 800’s you get the point.

Jesus Christ, Living forever, eternal life.
Jesus Christ hung on the cross, for yours and my sins.Where spikes were hammered into his hands and feet, then a sword was thrust into his side,his perfect, sinless blood was shed. Then it ran down his side, down his legs, off of his feet into the world, to purge the fallen world of mankind’s sin! The free gift of Salvation, for us

I have been noticing a lot more t.v. programs and shows lately talking about eternal life, and the extension of mankind’s life, unto we are gods, oh my! It really fascinates me of the arrogance of mankind to believe we will someday be gods ourselves.

Let me stop, to tell you a quick story. About 10 years ago, I was working on a remodel job. There were let’s say, a bunch of new agers, off the beaten path, ( Matthew 24:10-12)self loving, self righteous, mediating, strange people living in this house, it was like a old hippie commune, but very up scale. All truth, no lies. Held it up the the word of God, that’s what I saw.

The short story goes, one day I was outside when one of the  tenants of the home came out side. We were just shoo-ten the breeze, talking about the home or what ever.

Somehow like always, I always will bring up Jesus Christ, in my jobs and my life, too no end. Don’t care what people think, it is what it is, and whom I am.

Anyway, forward. We started on this conversation, of the new age movement, This very sweet, and very ignorant, woman in her 40′ lets say. Started this  big commiseration, about her sympathy for humans, that we will someday all  be gods, not unlike this program I just saw on the idiot tube, tonight. Sounds familiar.

I always come back with scripture to knock down the bunch of crap that has, eviscerated the human minds of these poor lost souls.

As the conversation got a little heated, I stopped and said to her, if you are a god, she listened very intently and said yea. I proceeded to point over to a tree that was , of maybe 20-30 feet tall. And said if you are a god. Please show me, take that tree and move to over to that place, I pointed to another spot in the yard.

And of coarse here comes always the moronic answer you always get, from these, followers of Satan. Oh, I am not right now, but we are all evolving, and we will be someday. I bet you have all heard that and bunch of Devil worshiping lies, as I have.

Fast forward to tonight’s show. It was taking about nano technology, was going to save mankind and all of it’s worthless, evil, corrupt, rudeness, baby killers, unseemly,self loathing, murderers, fornicators, ( Romans 1:24-32) prideful, lusting thoughts, oh my. I Cant wait, to see what human race to be envious of. Taking one gene from another, plant, animal, fruit, humans, foods, crops, nano technology, or what ever, cross pollinate, splicing genes, or just to wanting to live forever, oh my!

This is what awaits all you who are tampering with the Lords D.N.A, repent while you can!
This is what awaits all you who are tampering with the Lords D.N.A, repent while you can!

If you take all of the goodness of God out of mankind’s d.n.a, what the hell do you think you will have, idiots.

If you take out the Loving, Sacrificial Lamb, Caring, Long suffering, Humble, Salvation, Meekness, Merciful,Selfless,Foot washing, Forgiving, Righteous, Perfect, Holy, Sinless,  Son of God. Jesus Christ, and what, will you have left, We will have exactly what we have already.

But a thousand times worst, with no emotion, no love, lovers of them selves, selfies, doesn’t care about his neighbors, family, friends, only about them selves, It almost sounds like today, get it. Coming soon. Woe unto us! Keep drinking the Cool Aid, hum taste so good.

This will be a very terrible time to be in. They, and the Devil their best friend, and partner in crime, hates Gods creation, Adam and Eve. That’s why they want to create, Adam and Steve, get it?  Man to man, woman to woman.To manifest, a creation that will be so terrible cursed by God forever, woe unto you who march down the beaten path of eternal life. You will have eternal death that’s for sure, but it will be an eternal damnation, for those who are tampering with the Lords, perfect creation, that was corrupted by the Devil. The human race that was to reign with the one and true God forever. Was going to have the tree of live, which has all of the information as to how to live forever. That’s why God had to throw  (Genesis 3:22-24) Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden, because he didn’t want them to have the knowledge of eternal life, get it?

But because of Eves, lusting for knowledge, and tricking her mate, to partake, in the down fall of the human race for ever, until Jesus comes to clean the world, of all peoples like the ones who live, and are trying to live forever, it will never happen, dream on. What you will get, you cant imagine,  nor would you ever want too!

It will be the worse of the worse. It will be an accumulation of the worst, of mankind’s, society, add all of the evil peoples of  yesterday & today, (Psalm 106:37) who have done unspeakable, things unto our families, friends and neighbors.You will reap what you soe.

I really blows my mind the arrogance of mankind. Which is a spiritual issue caused by a rampant demons,devils, spirits running loose on the earth today, out to destroy, what God put on this earth. Get it? The serpent, the deceiver of all, the best of the best, has never been, no shall there ever be a greater story teller, then the one an only Head Demon him self, the Devil. Applause, whew.

And you all follow his ways. Mankind was never supposed to get the knowledge of such evil ways. We were supposed to live as children, and live together along side of our creator, forever. I would bet most if not all of you geneticists, scientist, and your ilk, alike have IQ’s of what probably, 160, 170, 180, maybe a 200 in there, oh my.

You all think that you are so intellectual, the best and brightest minds, right? If you are so intelligent, then tell me how this dumb oh, construction worker happen to stumble onto, the real eternal life. You have spent billions, and billions of dollars.To spend an eternity with the Devil.
I spent  nothing, to have an eternity with the Love of God, that I can’t really explain to anyone else, other then Born Again, children, my Brothers, and Sisters in Christ. They know what I feel. The love that permeates your soul. That embraces sinners like me.
The love that cast out all of my transgressions, my gross and vile sins, that I did before I gave my life to Jesus. The sin that felt like a boat anchor that was tied unto my neck like a tie, the size of the Titanic.The love that drives me unto, what I am doing today, and everyday, picking up my Cross. The pure and perfect holy blood sacrifice that washed me clean of all that gross, vile, unseemly, rotten, devil worshiping sins that I committed unto the Lord. He set me free, that I no longer have all of those vile feelings, that no matter what I did to him, his love, and mercy covered what I had done, his perfect blood hid me from Gods final judgement, Thank You Jesus, for thou are worthy, of all praise.

Yet I found eternal life, it cost me nothing, other then I had to believe that I was a sinner, boy that was easy. To say the sinners prayers, that I put on the main page, read it again, and believe it is true. I was Chief among them. When you looked in the dictionary, under sinner, there was a picture of me in it.

The ironic thing is all I had to due was to fall and my knees and plant my defiled face at the one and only one, who can truly give me eternal life, and his name and am proud to say it over and over. Is the true Savior, my Father, Jesus Christ, get it, stupid?

That’s why Jesus ask us to come back to him a a child, get it? What does a child do, he cries out for help, when he is in trouble. He seeks knowledge from his good father, He wants to hug his Father, He wants to haves cry together, tell stories together, and walk side by side for an eternity, with all of the agape love you can soak up, for an eternal life, can’t wait. God I hate this world.

Be truth be told, I think you guys are a bunch of  cowards, you love the Devil so much why is it that you don’t want to spend anytime with him. If you live forever, aren’t you going to miss him, hum? You should all stand on the highest bridge together and jump into his arms. He will welcome you. I bet you cant wait, woe unto you. You know whats coming at each and everyone one of your last breath, eternal judgement, rightfully so.

That’s why you are trying to avoid death, because you are all afraid, and rightfully so. I was too! That’s why I repented, and got on my knees and begged (John 14:6) the one and only one who can give me real eternal life, not the fake one from the Devil.

You had better repent from what you are all doing, open your eyes,  and hearts. Take off the dark colored lenses, and see what judgment is at hand, woe unto you. Knock on his door, and believe that thou are a sinner, and he will open it! Repent, Repent, and Repent.

Woe to those whom, believe they are going to live forever! I oftened wondered, about why people want to live forever. When you read the Bible, it talks specifically about many of the Lord’s chosen ones living in their 600’s, 700’s, 800’s you get the point.

♥From my heart, with love!♥



 From my heart, with love!I am here to pour out the love of Jesus, unto the world, that he has instilled in my heart, of compassion.

Jesus christ, Salvation.
Jesus Christ hung on the cross, for yours and my sins.Where spikes were hammered into his hands and feet, then a sword was thrust into his side,his perfect, sinless blood was shed. Then it ran down his side, down his legs, off of his feet into the world, to purge the fallen world of mankind’s sin! The free gift of Salvation, for us

I was sitting watching the idiot tube, like I do most of my evenings, flipping through all of the channels. Seeing that there is really nothing on but a bunch of crap. But sometimes, a really heart warming movie, or reality show. Maybe a singing competition, a sports game, or whatever that really shows off peoples God given talents that they have. I love to watch and see people have success, even though I know it is fruitless, in the world to come, and really in this world also.

Being  a 290lbs, sissy that I am when it comes to these kinds of shows. I always shed a tear. I am just a bumbling fool when it comes to mushy kind of stuff. I get it from my Mom. She is always so emotional about just life in general.

I wish I could really tell the world how I feel, about what is hear now, and what is to come. I always ask Jesus why. As his son, I am able to approach him.

But he always reminds me that his thoughts are not my thoughts, we are not to lean on our own understanding.

I know the world is completely blind to the truth, and I always have a broken heart unto the Lord, desiring to know why? You have all felt like we really live in a Matrix, of some sort. And we actually do. I can’t tell you what it is, but it does exist. Even one day when my beautiful, wife was praying to the Lord.

She was lamenting also about the world, I believe. There conversation, ensued about life in general. When she was asking about the world, the Lord told her that blue is not blue, and green is not green.That what we see is not really what we see. She still today doesn’t understand what he meant, but we all can imagine, right?

As to why I am here tonight trying to again convey, my Love for the human race in general. I hate the world, but have so much compassion for people. I know the writings I put down on paper, really can be ruff, if not sometimes seem very harsh. But the truth is the truth. And sometimes, my ugly fleshly side rears it’s ugly head, sorry, forgive me.

I cant explain to you to this day, why God and the Devil exist. I know he has always been here. I sometimes really feel like I am in some sort, of alter reality, of some other world, that resides in heaven. I am just to here in this body, passing on the Lords wisdom.

I guess I am just trying to open up a little, about me. I am a very private person, more then you will ever understand. I hate all of this spying, watching, tracking, you get the point!

What strikes me today, and every day the wife and I go to town, to look at work, or to visit, to go shopping, or whatever. I am always intrigued to watch people living there daily lives as nothing is wrong.

When you come to Jesus he really take the scales off of your eyes to be able to see, and hear the truth. Which is another thing I always ask the Lord why. I refer to the Bible, to get my answers. I started this Blog I believe by the Holy Ghost, instilled the courage to step out of my shell, and to preach the truth to the world, like so many other Born Again believers have done throughout time.

I know the world and the devil, is out to deceive as many people as humanly possible, to take away as many humans unto hell with him to get even unto the Lord. They have so much disdain for each other, true enemies.

I guess what I am again trying to instill into all of your hearts, those who want to believe what I am saying. Is to save as many as I am able, to plant the seed of Jesus, and let him bring it into completion.

Like I have said before in our Testimonial, I wish all of this weren’t true. That there is no Hell, and the devil does not exist. But I cannot, an will not lie to you , nor to anybody about Jesus. Even as I write this tonight, I cant put on paper how I feel, nor why I feel like I do.

I just wish that when you read the stories, and the Bible verses that I have put down, know that they are true. I am not trying to divide the world. I am trying to help put the truth out to bring it into, your hearts and minds. So  if you call out to Jesus, and knock on his door he will answer it.

Look no matter what happens to the wife nor I, due to our let’s say stepping out party. It was all worth the suffering, humiliation, castigation, hatred, and separation from our families, and friends alike. If (1) sole comes to Jesus do to, the truth that we have put into the Blog. Is payment enough, knowing that (1) less person is in hell, fire for an eternity, and can never be reversed, once you have died.

Again I love you, my fellow human beings, just trying to survive this crazy world that we all have to live in unfortunately.

I will say, good night,  good day and God Bless. May your hearts be free, and may yours eyes be opened. Don’t give up, fight, fight and fight.

With Love


 From my heart, with love!I am here to pour out the love of Jesus, unto the world, that he has instilled in my heart, of compassion.

The Lord said,the world will never be the same after December 8th.



 The Lord said,the world will never be the same after December 8th.

Jesus Christ hung on the cross, for yours and my sins.Where a sword was thrust into his side,his blood was shed. Then it ran down his side, down his legs, off of his feet into the world, to purge the fallen world of mankind’s sin! The free gift of Salvation, for us

I was praying last night. About a half of an hour or so, I believe. I was lamenting to the Lord, that we need more work. That my health is terrible, the wife’s is,well better then mine. I was just having a Father to Son talk. After lamenting for a while. I stopped and said, what about you Lord. what can I do for you. I am always complaining and asking something from you. He was quiet for a minute, and he said nothing, you just keep what you are doing, is good enough. He said that very few of his children, ask him that question, I went quite.

Then he said in a quiet voice, I want you to put on the blog. I waited and listened and in very stern, and solemn voice , I heard him say.


I don’t like to put dates, but I clearly heard that date 12/8. I waited for  few more minutes, to hear the year, and what it was about. I did not hear anymore then that. It is what it is. You and I will just have to wait, and see. Could  this be the year, 5 years from now, or never in my lifetime, nor ever. Discernment, is a true gift. You have to ask for it. It is a very large responsibility, and ways on your shoulders.

I will just pray more about it, lets see.

The Lord said,the world will never be the same after December 8th.