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Jesus Christ hung on the cross, for yours and my sins.Where spikes were hammered into his hands and feet, then a sword was thrust into his side,his perfect, sinless blood was shed. Then it ran down his side, down his legs, off of his feet into the world, to purge the fallen world of mankind’s sin! The free gift of Salvation, for us

Too whom, think that, everyone who is other then white. Thinks, that we are the only sinners, and the only race that has served, serves the Devil, woe unto you! Whom believe that crap! JESUS CHRIST, IS THE ONLY MORAL COMPASS, THE REST ARE WHITED SEPULCHRES, (MATTHEW 23-27)

GODS word, read ( 1 Romans 29:32) Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness, full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, Back biters haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents. Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: Who knowing the judgments of GOD, that they which commit such things, are worthy of death, in other words, will be cast into hell. not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

This was written for the times we have been in, and the times we are in today. There has always been, the Devils children, and I, before Jesus saved my poor rotten sole. Whom believed that they are were/ are above everybody else, and beyond approach. Sadly the news media ,again, going after the President, trying to take him out because they think they are better then him!

Woe unto them whom believe this, crap!Jesus says( Matthew 23-27) Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness.

Jesus, has much more compassion then I. When I see the news media, so call women, and men, mostly the left wing news, a few on the right. They are so gross, especially the women.  I want to curse you so much, but my heart tells me not too! But you, think you are cute, and sexy, and beautiful, but you are so disgusting, that most men, wouldn’t even give you the time of day, your souls stink!  That’s why a lot of you turn to lesbianism, Get It! Also the other side, the Homosexuals, whom have such a putrid, proud vile looks. And the grey bearded ones, boy oh boy, there are a few. There is nothing I can say, that can be PUT into words, other then, you will regret what you have spouted for your whole life. THE DAY YOU ALL STAND BEFORE THE GOD, WHOM YOU HAVE CRUCIFIED, AND NAILED HIS SON TO THE CROSS. Whom they  believe they are so perfect, but are also dead, in your trespasses and know it! But don’t care because you are serving the Devil, Get It? Cant serve two masters, you will love the one and and / or hate the other, hate Jesus ah! You are all going to burn in hell! Get It!

Okay, lets cut to the chase. These groups on the left and the right are all serving the Devil, period.

Whites, Blacks, Indians, Chinese, Spanish, you name the so called special people, whom are so much better then the other group. We all stink, without Christ, we will all be in Hell, if you and/ I don’t repent and turn your lives over to Jesus, before he punches your clock, Get It?

Look all of these haters of Jesus, were in the streets, that day, in the great state of the Gross, people of Virginia, as well as the rest of the country, whom follows the Devil, and all of his minions. The spirit of lawlessness,hatred,bigotry, racism, and many others have been released upon the world, exactly what the Bible says. Also I want to state unequivocally that the poor young sinner that was ran over and killed by the other Devil Worshiper, is in Hell, if she did not belong to Christ when she died! I pray that, we all can get break the grasp that the Devil has on are country, due to we are headed to a civil war, as sure is that Christ will return.This is what the New World Order, and all of it’s cohorts the Demoncrats, and Devil-cans want, whom claim to love Jesus, you are are going to burn, for Eternity Get It? I know you serve the Devil ! But don’t care, because you ; love the Devil. Too all of you Republicans, and Demoncrats, from the Top, to the Bottom, you can go (#@*@) yourself, you pieces of shit.

When cockroaches, and venereal diseases rate higher then Congress, the Senate, and the Media, then only a fool, cannot see the writing on the wall!

Sorry, but these groups will be the first to have to  go hide when the country goes to civil war, fools.

 I, as well as the American people do not want this to happen. It is these people who run the world desire this, unfortunately. But eventually, it will as I have stated before.

The  oppressed peoples,  and Christians, Lord willing. Will purge the country unfortunately of all whom, have been complicity to the fall of  the United Sates, remember who has have all of the Guns fools.

( Update)  10/2/17After watching the shootings in Sin City, ( What happens in Vegas) this is exactly what I mean, when people have no hope. The Devil worshipers have taken the Bible, and the word of the Lord, from our nation. Thou Shall not kill, get it. I blame the people at the top off our nation. If we have no one to look up to , too guide us! Whom should have a bible in each and everyone of their offices, so they can guide the masses as we are told to follow the laws of the land, yeah right!

Fool’s the wicked, we get what we deserve. You are a fool if you think this is it. It is going to get so much worse get it, fools. You have rejected the one and only God. The judgement of the Lord is at hand. Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, terrorism. We are a just nation, you ask? Who are we kidding, Sodom ans Gomorrah, right!Like I have stated, if (1) can cause this much carnage, what do you think, when a pissed off America, cant take no more. And you have tens, of thousands, going after the elite and wicked, you had better wake up. Get your Bible, get on your knees an repent, and ask for forgiveness, before its to late!

That’s why they want to get rid of the 50’s, 60’s generation, due to the fact that the new brainwashed, neutered, stupid phone children of the devil, will fall in line to take the mark of the beast, for the 50’s, 60’s generation, you can go fuck yourself! Forgive me! That’s why are supreme racist founding fathers, gave us the 2nd Amendment, for these days surely to come! And by the way I have made it a choice to ask everyone of our military I see,  at restaurants, gas stations, stores, serving our country as too. Would they fight the American people should shit hit the fan, and all have said Fuck No. Sorry buts that’s how they told me. I would not serve a bunch of pieces of shit politicians, Get It! I have asked a lot. Probably, close to a hundred for the past ten years or so. Woe unto you, who think our own Military will turn on the American people, there will be a few,  not what you dream about fools! I will be reading my Bible and my gun in my other hand.( Sound familiar Hussein, piece of shit). Sorry had to. He started all of this racial crap, but, you wont have the last word, praise God.I will just be living my life quietly, as I am told to, love they neighbor, thou shall not kill. But does not say thou shall not defend my family, wife and home, if trouble comes to my door. I will serve the Lord, until I am called. When all hell breaks loose, the American people,( Their desires, not ours) unfortunately, will hunt down these, New World Order, and the Media idiots, I believe. You can only push a man, and women so far before they break, and the camels back, can nor longer be put together again, unfortunately.

I pray that, if Civil War comes, that it goes swiftly, and the wicked will fall by the sword hard,  if it shall come!





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Pride & Self Aggrandizing

To increase to scope of, to make great in power, stature, or reputation to appear greater, to exaggerate. Gee that sounds familiar. It sounds like most if not all rich, and the famous, what say you?

( Luke 6:24 )

(Corinthians 1:18) For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish ( Go to Hell ) foolishness; but unto us which are saved ( Born Again) it is the power of God.

 The LORD is no respecter of humans. ( Romans 2:11)


Marked by meekness of modesty in behavior, attitude, or spirit; not arrogant of prideful. Showing deferential of submissive respect: Low in rank, quality, unpretentious or lowly. To curtail or destroy the pride. Ask yourself, whom of you are humble? Sounds like CHRIST.

Jesus Christ hung on the cross, for yours and my sins.Where a sword was thrust into his side,his blood was shed. Then it ran down his side, down his legs, off of his feet into the world, to purge the fallen world of mankind’s sin! The free gift of Salvation, for us.


And how good it makes you feel to show everybody else, how great, and how  ( Luke 21:1-4 ) magnanimous you  feel because you give, out of your abundance, but not out of your little.

 Do you give out of love, or guilt,  out of abundance, because of the way you live, you ask?

Do you trust in your riches, ( Mark 10:17-25 ) or do you trust in GOD? Ask yourself, are you willing to give up all that you have to enter into the kingdom of God???? I’ll bet most would turn and run away, woe unto you, for your riches are fleeting, you could die while you are reading this blog!!

 The meek and poor, ( Luke 16:19-25 ) shall inherit the earth are humbled by their poverty, their not all puffed up! It’s hard to be prideful, when you can’t feed your children, or have to watch your neighbors go hungry. Or when you see every creed, race, age, type, eating out of trash cans while you live in your                                   .You fill in the blank.

Do you live like kings, you ask? Because, I only know one true king, JESUS. Remember he was born in a stable, and became a foot washer, HUM? Are you, or do you expect, and demand that somebody, washes your feet for you. You ask?

What purpose is there to live in a 10,000– 90,000 s/f home or what ever, size you don’t need, you say the Jone’s, pride, arrogance, self loathing? For what purpose, other then what is stated above.

How many people could you feed ( Luke 6:24 ) on just your electric bill alone, you ask?


My Father’s son was born in a Stable. Get it?

(Isaiah 57:15)  For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity, whose name is Holy; I dwell in the high and holy place , with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones.

 (Matthew 18:4)  Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

 (Luke 14:11)  For whosoever exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted.

(Philippians 2:8)  And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.

 (James 4:6)  But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.


(Psalms 101:5)  Whoso privily  slandereth  his neighbor, him will I cut off: him that hath an high look and a proud heart will not I suffer.

 (Proverbs 6:17)  A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood.

(Proverbs 16:5)  Every one that is proud in heart is an abomination to the Lord: though hand join in hand, he shall not be unpunished.

 (Proverbs 21:4)  An high look, and a proud heart, and the plowing of the wicked, is sin.

(James 4:6)  But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.

JESUS,  knows who are chosen that are humble in hollywierd,( Jude 1:15 )  and led by example, while others live good lives , but to the rest of the prideful, arrogant, self loathing rich and famous,( Luke 18:24-25 ) sports figures, musicians, actors, news media, talk show hosts, authors, officials, politicians, social media, and alike, or just anybody that has a greater ( Proverbs 13:11 ),  self aggrandizing opinion of themselves, thinking they are above CHRIST. (Thou Hypocrites).

I first have  to confess, before I start this part. I do have a few of hollywierds signatures, I got at local car shows. I have Cassettes, Albums, Cd’s, DVDs, some  posters, and some collectables, no porn, I don’t believe I have ever owned one.  God I hate Porn. Not that I can remember.

I also have to confess, that I am a avid movie fan, who has cried, laughed, been scared, disgusted, at them all. A sports fan, and music fan. But that’s all I am. I have been to allot of rock and roll concerts during my life, even back stage. Unfortunately, I also was caught up into the devils (1 Corinthians 10:20-21 )  lies at one point in my life. I can not go to most rock concerts today, especially the heavy metal bands, they are of the devil, straight up!  The HOLY GHOST, leads me not unto temptation, and keeps me from the devil worshiping ( John 10:5 ) strangers. I have been to a few sports games , and seen tons of movies. Even the movies of today, are mind bending, they are hard to watch, of course this is done on purpose, to those of us who are awake, as to what you are doing. The flicker rate, and the algorithms really mess with you.

 Everyone one of you should be thanking the LORD, for your GOD given,

talents that your have in your own perspective fields. Which you Hypocrites by yours mouths, profess CHRIST, but don’t follow the commandant’s, of the LORD. I am trying to keep this as scriptural as possible. Because GODS opinion reigns king. That’s what the Bible is for. Most of you are lost souls, because of the way you self aggrandized your self’s, to heights above GOD. To put yourself up on your own pedestal. Every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall confess. That includes all of you, get it?

Gods hates (Acts 26:18 ), but wants to save, idolaters, pride, arrogance, idols, which you all have, most anyway. Most all of you have statues of other, devil gods in you homes, idols unto the devil.

Why do you raise yourself up?I bet some of you have this in your homes. Maybe an Oscar, or whatever! These are of the devil.

Golden CalfWorship graven images before GOD. All forms of stupid worthless statues, give me a break. Don’t you see what’s happening to your lost souls. Some of believe you are gods, little “g”, god.

Lets see anyone of you create an universe in (6) days a rest on the seventh. You need to come off of that devil worshiping high horse, before you fall of the hollywierd sign.

Praise be to GOD. I confess still today, when I scan through the movie channels, and a movie passes by that has ( R ) rated scenes, sexual, those same scenes  a while ago, it wouldn’t have bothered me, to watch them. I still stumble, because I am human. But today, as I my walk with CHRIST, continues to grow. The HOLY GHOST, slowly tugs on my heart strings,  letting me know, about the deception, from the devil, that I am watching. I know sounds strange, but unless you truly have a relationship with CHRIST, you will never understand, his Holiness and Just.

I have thrown away, all of my horror movies away, neither do I partake in the viewing of these gross, and devil worshiper films, praise to the Lord.  These are straight up, from the devil himself, woe unto you how make these films. I use to be able to watch them , but no more, they (allow, give permission) demons, devils, alike to molest, and /or posses you that don’t belong to CHRIST. But I absolutely, rebuke any thoughts of lusting towards, following, of any kind , nor worshiping any of them. Unfortunately, when I was younger, I had slipped into the devils deceitful lies, but no more, thanks be the GOD. I do admit, some of the hollywierds women’s outside beauty (Matthew 23: 27 ) is nice to look at and takes my breath away, I even struggle with this. You all dress and flaunt your beauty and nakedness, the Bible says not to dress, so you don’t make another man stumble. And which most all of you do, the LORD sees that you make me , as well as millions of others stumble. Woe unto you. Even if you don’t watch the television, you can’t go into a mall, university, store or what ever, and be assaulted by women, half naked. We are becoming worst then Europe.

 It makes my soul ache, that some, if not most of you have given your souls over  to the devil.

( Acts 13:10 ) or are ignorant to his ways. Only the LORD knows that. But I guarantee that, each and everyone of you ( Psalm 98:2 ) have heard of the story told in the Bible where the devil, takes JESUS up to the top of a mountain, ( Matthew 4: 1-11 ) and tempted him for 40 days and 40 nights. The devil replied to CHRIST, if you would just bow to me and call me lord, and father, he would bless him with all of the world has to offer. I believe which most of you have fallen into the same trap, and confessed the devils name, in front of GOD, woe unto you who have. Of course the LORD rebuked the devil, and said thou shall not tempt ( Matthew 4:7 ) the LORD, thy GOD, to get behind thee, Satan.

The LORD is watching the whole world as well as all of you, rich and famous,( Luke 18:24-25 ) sports figures, musicians, actors, news media, talk show hosts, authors, officials, politicians, social media( Psalm 7:11) officials. Self aggrandize, on how grandeur you are, during the  grammies and / or oscars, academy awards, you name the program, and what is really sad, is upon the deaths, of the rich and famous, you are ten times worse. CHRIST at his death, the media might have been given him a mention. Maybe? But I doubt it!Probably would have celebrated, what say you?

I  know what it feels like , to loose a loved one, it is a terrible feeling, but you are no better then the rest of us( filthy rags), you might even be a little worse off.  The LORD is watching all of the vile and ( Matthew 13:49-50 ) perverted , self loathing ,vile fame of shame, unto each other. So much aggrandizing.Woe unto you!

I have also lost my dad, and a very close brother, and many friends of mine, over the years. So don’t try to cast your judgment’s upon me, be careful.  I don’t carry on and on and on,and on,and on,and on. You are nothing, as well as I without Christ. My treasure ( Matthew 6:19)is in Heaven, were it will never be burned up,  nor rust, or can be stolen. You are all trying to fill up, your $ 1,000,000.00 R.V’s, plated in gold, rolling on your 24″ Dubs,trying to take your filthy rotten treasures, that are hay and stubble, unto the next life. They are all going to burn in Hell, if you could take them with you, get it?

There is nothing wrong with wealth, again. It is a true blessing, from God. But, are you doing good works with it, That’s the whole dichotomy.Where does your treasure lie, in heaven or hell?

I know your dad, and your brother,  sister, mother, dad, and friends are better then mine, excuse me. Because you are so famous and rich, wow, you must really feel special. You self aggrandize each other death’s until, even the one’s in hell want to role over,and say shut the hell up. Look at Christ, you spat ( Mark10:33-34) on him while he was dieing, thrust a sword into his side, laughed, mocked, and stoned him. And today you still want to blaspheme his dieing on the cross, without a mention. And deny, his existence, wow unto you.

The oscars, the em-mys, country, rock, pop, hip hop, you name the event, it is an abomination unto the LORD. Remember what he did to Sodom and Gomorrah? Were next, get it? You are all deceived we are all cut from the same corrupt filthy rag of the fallen world. But that’s the whole point, you guys are so blinded as to what JESUS thinks about you and your judgment too come. Woe unto you. Boy if you only saw the wretchedness, and darkness, and wickedness in each and everyone of your own hearts, you would puke. Been there done that. CHRIST has shown be mine, it wasn’t pretty. I was so gross, it made me puke.

See the one thing different about you and me , I know I (was)a of lost sole, dieing to go to hell, just like you, until JESUS saved me. The only thing good about me  today, is the light of JESUS CHRISTS, righteousness that shines through this old sole.

 To increase to scope of, To make great in power, Stature, or reputation to appear greater, to exaggerate.

 Why do you believe that you are so much above the rest of us, ( Proverbs 13:7 ) that we are at the bottom of the pile you say, the last in line, the lonely, the servants. The place I am called to be, CHRIST son. To serve, humanity. To be the foot washer. Not to be served. JESUS says,

( Matthew 20:16 ) So the last shall be first, and the first shall be last: for many be called but few are chosen. ( There is no pre rapture, either).

You boast upon each others, careers as to how much your legacy is going to contribute to the world, fruitless. You are not special, nor important, or king of kings so wake up. JESUS says you are self loathing, prideful, and arrogant. There is only name to hold up and his name is JESUS.  If you don’t have CHRIST, you are doomed, to eternal damnation! You stink just like the rest of us when you die, not one of us upon our deaths, are  going to smell like roses. The LORD sees how terrible, and fake ( Proverbs 12:16) you all look when you walk down the vile isle of shame.

The sad truth is the world, has bought into the devils lies, as well as you all. They all worship you as you walk by, all of your followers and look at them with disdain hidden in your smile, holding back your vomit because once again, you have to show your faces, to such worthless people, other then your own ilk.

 You ought to walk in CHRIST’S shoes, he will really show you how worthless, and unfruitful your lives have become, It’s no party trust me, It really makes you understand how fruitless, and how all of ours lives are an abomination unto the Lord.We are all filthy rags.And all of our supposed works, that are going to usher us into heaven, with our magnanimous smiles, with gleam in our eyes, waiting to boast unto Christ how great we are.Wow unto you and I, who believe this.

 You boast about, ( Proverbs 21:13 ) the designers clothes that you promote, do you really believe it makes you more, whole inside. Do you think anybody cares, if you weren’t famous. The LORD says to be humble, not braggadocios. Take a look at your fellow compatriots, after their careers are all washed up! Do you see everybody worshiping the fallen of your ilk. They have completely dropped off of the face of the earth, no body cares, it’s all a lie, wake up.( Christ cares he died on the cross for you. He loves you all, but you must repent, get it? ) Your eventually going to crash and burn, just like the rest of your fallen supposed friends have. Then what, drugs, suicide, come on. Please wake up and smell what the devil has been shoveling! Lies, deceit, casting your sole into outer darkness, stop turn 180 degrees, come back into the well of living water, your one and only chance to be with the only  true God , who really cares about your lost sole!( Matthew 18:11-14)

You don’t have to show off to everyone else, to be braggadocios, ( Ecclesiastes 5:13-14 ) about it. Keeping up with the Jones  mentality. The wife and I have a little bit of jewelry, we love ours, because we bought it for each other, and we don’t brag about. Matter of fact, I am scared sometimes today, to even where it. Because of all of the desperation that is out there today, that all of you  have had a part in causing. Yes, you the rich and famous, that have bragged on television, red carpets, you know the drill, showing off your cribs, your stuff, bragged about your jewelry, cars, motorcycles, rv’s, vacation’s, oh and how stupid and blind you are to buy into the devils lies,( Luke 16:13 ) that you are justified, to having all of this stuff. ( Psalm 39:6 )

And how good it makes you feel to show everybody else, how great, and how  magnanimous you  feel because you give, out of your abundance, but not out of your little. Look at me I gave 30 billion dollars, oh gee.How great thou are. ( Luke 21:1-4 )

And how you rub each others shoulders and tell each other, that you have made to the top, of the pile of worthless nothingness, yes you have conquered the world.

So you can make everybody else feel bad, because they don’t have what you have. And how you have caused division among the people who want to be just like you, and they have tried  legally, and through nefarious means to get there, so they can emulate, you at the top! Top of the heap of emptiness, bottomless pit.

Look mom I am at the top of the devils world.

 The Bible says that wealth, and hard work are fine but, how did you get the money, from the devil, ( Jeremiah 17:11 ) or from the LORD, so you will be able to do good works, with his money. Oh by the way, all that you have belongs to the LORD, whether you want to believe it or not. That’s why you all crash and burn, because of failing to do good works, with the LORDS money, it’s not yours, to buy drugs, hookers, build 60, 000 s/f homes. That’s not what the LORD likes, read the scripture, it’s not my words, they are unto the LORD, thy GOD.

Ask yourself, what precious stuff are you going to put into your coffin, when you stand before GOD, trying to impress him how your greatness, and what a achievement, you have accomplished that you have 60,000 s/f home, and 8 vacation homes, 50 cars, look at my wealth, I am worth billions, and billions, GOD aren’t you impressed ( Acts 10:34 ) by all of what I have accomplished, in this world. Holy Molly. I am the greatest, richest, man around.

And he is going to look at you with, a broken heart a say, that he does not know you, and won’t blink a eye, because you have been warned over an over again, to no avail. He warned you so many times , you have not one excuse, you can stand before him and tell him, None!

And by the way your father the devil,

Devil3knows this as well. Wow unto you, who don’t repent, and turn back unto the LORD.

 And for all you hypocrites, ( Luke 6:46 ) who profess JESUS, especially you straight up devil worshipers, that mock his cross, by wearing it and displaying in your homes. And some of you so called demonically possessed, that put the cross, into a vile of urine, and call it art. Woe unto you! See ( Matthew 15:8 ) Also look what JESUS says, about his children only!

 ( John 17:9 )  He stated that because we believed that the FATHER, sent his son to die on the cross for sinners, like you and me. JESUS Replied. I pray for them: I pray not  for the world, but for them which thou given me; ( CHRISTS children ) for they are thine.

And another thought had occurred to me, thinking about the past when CHRIST was  brought to before the governor, to question CHRIST, as to whether or not he was King of the Jews. He was brought before the Governor, because the chief priests accused CHRIST  of being the King of Jews. The Governor asked CHRIST, are you the King of the Jews, he replied, Thou sayest. At the same time there was prisoner by the name of Barabbas. At that time there was feast going on. The Governor during the feast, always released one prisoner. He turned towards the crowd and said whom shall I release, the crowd said free the murder Barabbas, and Crucify the King of the Jews.

What I trying to get at, I believe that all of you pharisees would do the same to my FATHER, the son of man. Not all but most, I do believe.

Ask yourself, while you walked down the isle vile of shame, and if CHRIST was standing there preaching the same Gospel, and telling you to repent, I would bet my life, most if not all of you would spit on him, you would look down upon him with disgust. You would cast your dispersions upon him, some of you probably, would even want to kill him, ( John 8:40 ) Maybe, HUH?

You are all lost souls, you have given your souls to the devil, it breaks my heart. When one of your own ilk, unfortunately passes away, you all worship them, to death. It is fruitless, CHRIST says( Luke 9:60 ) Let the dead ( Unto the world ) bury their dead: He was telling his disciples, that the dead are dead, and have already been judged.

 JESUS was saying don’t hold them up as idols, which you all do.

( I am the LORD thy GOD, thou shalt have no other GODS before me )

 Telling the whole world how great you are, what a legacy they have left, or they are the cats meow, or they will be immortalized forever, and ever, and ever, oh my. Quit taking up air time and wasting everybody’s time with worldly, worthless stuff. You are no better than the rest, of us. Get over it, it is what it is. When you die, over is over, done is done, finished is finished, there is no more time, there is no purgatory, no reincarnation, you don’t pass go, you don’t collect $200.00 hundred dollars, Your race is finished, there is no more, you are done,  judgment  has come home to roost, you have been cast into hell if you do not repent and turn towards back CHRIST.

Take a deep breath look at yourselves,( Proverbs 17: 22)  you know you keep seeking,( Isaiah 8: 19 ) looking following, everywhere you can trying to find happiness. You travel the world seeking out your gods, ( Hosea 13 :4 ) trying to find, him and to get the answers of the world, to no avail, or just have allowed the devils lies and deceits into your heart to deceive you again.

Look at the divorce rate, you divorce each other because you lust after other woman, you are all fallen for the devils lies. You divorce each other faster then I can eat a burger, and that’s pretty fast. You are washed in the sins of the world, and the devils lies. You are all broken hearted, you think that you are all doing just fine. But look across the isle at all of your same ilk, tell me what they look like and the of end their road.

Not pretty is it. ( Amos 4:11 ) Drug over dose, murdered, suicide, broke, broken down, everybody, looks down on you because of what you have become, and no longer fit into their crowd, of ilk. Again. I am trying to stay as scriptural as possible. I know I veered off a little, forgive me of that.

(UPDATE) September 1st, 2014. Let me first confess, that I am as dumb as a rock. For months I have been crying out unto the LORD, stating, that I have been so dry, as to why it has been 2-3 months since I have not, up dated the blog with anything. I know some of you probably wished I were dead, no such luck. Anyway, I am going to stray off a little, so bare with me. My prayer sessions, with the LORD are at best Sporadic, well maybe not that bad. But differently needs improvement, that’s for sure.

Let me say unequivocally, he is always on my tongue, every second, every moment, every hour, and every day. This is not a lie, the LORD knows this to be true. Every drink of water, every bite I eat, every day that goes by. I am always confessing to the Angels, and the devils, that he is LORD of LORD, and KING of KINGS. I always praise his name, as well as get upset, and angry too! I know, the devil, beats me up. Anyway, I love the LORD so, much, I can never thank him enough for dragging me out of this fallen devils world, and saved this old rotten, filthy, stinking sole. God do I love the FATHER.

I digress, anyway, what do I mean, by that. Well, the devil, is always, trying to ruin my day, by causing me to be angry, upset, indifferent, stressed out, you get the point, each and every second, minute, and every day. So by the time I go to bed, I can’t have a meaningful prayer with my FATHER. Sometimes I try to sit and pray for 15 min, 30min, 1, 2,3 hours. To no avail, I can’t sit still, to hear that quiet voice that I am in so much love with, the sweetest, most loving voice that just cradles, your broken hearted sole, that quenches all of your worldly desires. That whispers, I love you son, that melts your heart, and draws you near. A love that permeates your sole, one that can’t be explained in this world, but I try.

I took me this long as to why the Holy Ghost, went quiet. I am so stupid, last night when I went to bed, I was calm, I had a humble spirit, I was yearning for some time to spend with the FATHER, and his SON, and the HOLY GHOST. It only happens once in a while, all my fault, no excuses, I am totally to be blamed 100%, it’s all my fault.

GOD is the same  today, tomorrow, and forever, he never changes, we only do. We can choose to come to him humbly, broken hearted, or the other way and victory to the devil.

I am the one who allows the devil, to destroy my prayer sessions, all because he throws trouble at my feet daily, causes me to stumble, and let me say he is damn good at it. But once in a while, like I said he, fails, and I am open unto the LORDS, wisdom. My heart is like a CD, ready to be written on, praise GOD, for you are worthy.

Long story short, It just dawned on me last night, when I come to the FATHER for some quiet time, I go into a very deep trance, or something like that my, mind goes quiet, I have very little thoughts, I just can listen, and this is what happens.

OK, lets, just go with the flow. My thoughts came to me last night, about the very famous, comedian that just recently died, unfortunately, without the LORD, he is with the devil. You see above, I talk about suicide. Let’s say I loved, his movies, what a true gift from GOD, where all you talents come from, you just use them for nefarious means, instead of godly things.

My quest today, is to reiterate again, that for GOD so love the world he gave his only begotten SON, for all who walks this ugly world.

Again, let’s look at his life, he had all of the devils kingdom that he had to offer, sold his ole sole to the dark one. I do believe though, no where in the Bible, I believe again, even if you have committed murdered, raped, molested, robbed, it does not matter, nothing you have done, can separate you from GODS love, except your Denial of his son, JESUS CHRIST ( John 14:6). Except, for blaspheme of the HOLY GHOST, that one is tough. I don’t like to talk about this, it scares me, but I believe, that it means, that you reverse, the LORD for the devil, you say GOD is evil, and the devil is good. I think. I do not believe this at all, lets just don’t go there, and that’s all. I will confess this to the world, GOD is all LOVE, period, and goodness.

Look he had it all. He had fame, and fortune. He had the whole worlds admiration, he had the best hotels, the best foods, cars, boats, the most luxury that money can buy, and he still hung himself, empty, He his all of the devils kingdom that money can by, except the one thing he, nor you , nor I can’t by, was Salvation. That cost nothing other then to believe that you are a Sinner, and you need forgiveness, that’s all there is to it.

Please I beseech, you guys, stop, listening to the world, seeking the devils lies. Cry unto the LORD, knock on his door he will answer it, thou shall be save, and get to experience all of the most beautiful agape love, that will wipe away all of your tears of sadness, emptiness, broken hearts,and replace them with tears of, joy, gratefulness, love, meekness, log suffering, peace that goes beyond understanding. God I have missed you words LORD, thank you for giving me the chance to speak about you unto the world, what a honor it is. I do not deserve this, I will never understand why you gave this to me, but thank you for trusting me with such, a awesome opportunity to speak the truth unto the world, and I Pray that it drives the ones out of the devils kingdom, in to yours.

OK, back to where I left off.

But it still relevant, as to preaching about, GODS truth, and the devils lies, that you have all bought in to. Look at the rest of this blog, it is Bible based and sound, doctrine, so if you don’t like what I have to say, I have preached what I have preached.

 ( Luke 9:56 ) For the son of man is not come to destroy men’s lives, any man, but to save them.( But you must turn back towards CHRIST, and repent. Otherwise he will give you over to your own reprobate mind, if you continue to sin against him).

 (Acts 4:12 ) Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, wherby we must be saved.

We are here to Preach the true Gospel  to the unto the world, (Matthew  13:37 )and the BODY OF CHRIST.

See ( JOHN 14:6) I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man cometh unto the Father, but by me, meaning CHRIST.

( 1 Corinthians 15;50 ) Now  this I say, Brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of GOD; neither doth corruption inherit incorruption.

Repent, and repent, for GOD loves you.

In simple terms, if you do not have CHRIST,  ( Matthew 9:6 ) on your side when you die, you will stand before GOD, at the ( GREAT WHITE THRONE ) for your final judgment , not a place you want to be. By the time you realize the truth, that has been told to you, and what you have heard  preached to you, so many times before, it will be to late. You will look at CHRIST

(1 Timothy 2:5 ) with, a bewildered look,  and in tears in your eyes, some of you will be cursing at him, others with disbelief.  And CHRIST, will look at you and say that he does( Luke 13:27 ) not know you,  ( Matthew 7 :23) and you will be held accountable to GOD for every sin that is listed in the  Book of Genesis’s. You want your name to be written in the Book Of Life,  ( Revelation 13:8, &17:8) were CHRIST has washed away your sins, with his blood ( Revelation 1:5).

Where your (sins) are as far from the East as to the West, were GOD no longer sees yours ( Matthew 1:21 ) sins, because of CHRISTS sacrifice.  GOD said that if you commit (1) sin you have broke all of them. By the way the devil,(1 Corinthians 10:21 ) has also been keeping track of your indiscretions, and your sins against GOD, he will be arguing his case before GOD, against you.  ( Revelation  20:12 )That’s why you need a SAVIOR ( Hebrews 1:8 ),to defend you  before GODS judgment, so you soul won’t be cast into the lake of fire, where you will go if you are not CHRIST SON. ( Matthew 13:50) Someone who, and  the only one who can take, on your( sins) ( Act 3:19 ) with his  blood sacrifice , who died on the Cross.

He shed his (blood) for you and me. Name the sin, homosexual, fornicator, adultery, murder, stealing, or what ever  it does not matter. You need to ask  JESUS ( Peter 1:3 ) for his forgiveness,  and believe that you are a sinner, and repent.  And believe in him, that he died on the Cross for you, and you will  be saved by grace, to become a child of GOD. It is not a thought process, you must believe with all of your heart and your soul and mind, and truly  believe with faith, that what you are asking for is true,  so JESUS will come into your heart, and you will be BORN AGAIN. ( Ephesians 2:8 ) If you don’t believe, See what can happen. ( Matthew 13:4-9). You want to be the last seed.)

Look at your money, and your fame , ( Proverbs 19:4 ) at the end it will all be for not, completely fruitless in JESUS’S eyes. The wife and I are the poorest ( Proverbs 19:1 ) that we have ever been in our lives.  I cannot lie to you, it is no fun, it’s very trying at times, and it sucks, (Proverbs 14:20 ) but I still, trust and believe in thy GOD, thy LORD, someday he will replace what the devil, has stolen from the wife and I. Some days I just want to fall back into the world. But I always remind my self what is to come, Judgment.  And I don’t want to disappoint my, FATHER. Trust me it’s the hardest thing to do as a man is to  relinquish, his life over to GOD, and  completely trust( Isaiah 43: 2) in him. But the wife and I after all that has come against us, and all that we have been through together, we have a enormous amount of peace that is beyond worldly under standing. Even mine, sometimes. We haven’t been able to pay our bills on time for at least 7-10 years, which is hard on the heart, were always late, I am not saying that there aren’t days we don’t get stressed out, because we do. Or sometimes we might argue about it. It’s only human, but CHRIST says to put all problems at his feet, and to take his yolk, because it is light, so we do.

Read ( Proverbs 3: 24) When thou liest down, thou shalt not be afraid: yea, thou shalt lie down, and thy sleep shall be sweet. It’s no lie, most of the time the wife, and I sleep very well. Well as good as I can with my pain as it comes and goes, tossing and turning, but still pretty darn good. At least my soul, most of the time is at rest. You ask? How well do you really sleep, on any med’s, sleep stuff, Xanax, Oxycontin, you name it.

You will never be truly happy, with out the one true GOD, in your life, not the false, pagan gods of this deceitful world, nor hollywierds lies .

JESUS says the beginning of wisdom,( Proverbs 9:10 ) is the fear of the LORD.The fear of the LORD is to hate evil: pride, and the arrogance, and the evil way, and the froward (Meaning Perverse ) mouth, do I hate.

I am not saying I am better then anyone of you, so don’t you dare take this out of context. Like I have reiterated, before in this blog, I know were I came from. I deserved hell, and still do.There is absolutely nothing good about me, and I mean nothing without Christ, love coming through me.  But  I am no longer am going to follow the devil, Praise be to GOD. But what I will tell you, is that I am more content then most of you rich and famous,( Isaiah 50:7 ) most of the time.  I wish I could pay the bills on time, but it is what it is, GODS will be done, not mine.

I struggle allot, but I am much better off then all of you put together, who don’t belong to CHRIST. You can put all of your wealth together, this is one thing you can not bribe, black mail, steal, and / or just have your way with, because you are rich and famous, nor buy, you cannot have what I have unless, you repent ( Isaiah 55:6-8 ) and come unto CHRIST, and ask him for his forgiveness. Even you billionaires, your money is no good in heaven.

Self Aggrandize: To increase to scope of, to make great in power, stature, or reputation to appear greater, to exaggerate. Gee that sounds familiar. It sounds like most if not all rich, and the famous, what say you? Like I said it’s hard to be proud, and boastful, when you are meek and poor.
Remember the root of evil, is the lust of money, get it?

 May GOD have MERCY on all of your lost souls, who byes into the great deception to surely come.

 JESUS says so clear, woe unto you, who take the mark, 666.

Repent and come back to the living water.