Diversity is going to, usher in the Anti-Christ!



 Diversity is going to, usher in the Anti-Christ! There he goes again with one of his Racist terms. How dare you use the word Diversity. This will be the down fall of the human race.

Jesus Christ, Salvation, Forgiveness
Jesus Christ hung on the cross, for yours and my sins.Where a sword was thrust into his side,his blood was shed. Then it ran down his side, down his legs, off of his feet into the world, to purge the fallen world of mankind’s sin! The free gift of Salvation, for us

What do I mean by the statement above. Let me tell you before you get you panties in a bunch. That goes for you, castrated men, as well as the women, who won’t stand up for Jesus. And all of the rest, of world.

The one thing I have witnessed over the last few generations is the down fall of our nation, as diversity had taken grasp of our nation and it’s laws. Woe slow down before you boil over, actually it’s permissible, and expected if you do, go for it!

This nation was founded on Christian principles. I know you have heard it a thousands times before.

But listen, one more time. We ran to this land of opportunity, to be free of the British, to get away for their common laws and their tyranny. And their apostate rules of  God the Queen, oh my.

Look what I trying to articulate is, our founding principles of the Pilgrims, have all but been ( Matthew 10:32-42)cleansed by Political Correctness, ( Matthew 13:15)and it’s hatred for Jesus. We were truly a United States at that time, in our history. Today due to our diversity, here he goes again, that word religion and diversity, the  words that has divided every city, town, and nation since the Devil has used it to usher in the Anti-Christ, ( Matthew 12:39)and all of it’s tyranny, under one world religion, and it’s laws.

The only way to bring in a one world government, and religion is to break down all barriers, and drive Jesus out of the  country, and the world for that matter. As long as the Ecclesiastes, Called out ones, Born again Christians stand up( Amos 3:9-10) for Jesus the harder it is, and will be for these plans of the Devil, to bring it to pass.

We have never been divided such as we have today. By allowing all of these apostate false religions ( Matthew 23:27)and all of it’s people to change our Christian values, and it’s principles, we have all but died as nation of believers.

Yea I know everyone says we are a Christian nation, what a bunch of crap. Every one under the sun calls themselves a Christian, which they have no right( Matthew 15:8) to that word, it belongs to his children, who follow and worship at  his feet, with their hearts, minds and souls, Not with their mouths such as most of you do ( Matthew 7:13-14) who are reading this blog right now.

The only way too, allow the New World Order, and it’s ilk to control the people of the worlds nations is to brake down all barriers, between religions. To become one peaceful, happy bunch of idiots. With no thoughts of there own, will follow anybody that claims to be Jesus, get it? The Antichrist, ( Matthew 7:15) coming soon.

We have liar in chief, a congress that worships the devil, (Matthew 16:26)and a house of cards that is ready to be conquered, and taken over by the diversity you all claim to be the best for this country, woe unto you who believes that lie.

Unfortunately, I wish all who occupy the white house, and all of it’s ilk, on both sides of the vile isles would repent, and bring us back to a Sovereign nation that we once were. But the way it’s going I do believe we are toast, as a Christian nation. Woe unto us, who has abandoned the laws of the Bible. God has destroyed every nation that has forgotten him, read the Bible( Matthew 16:3) see for yourself.

So when the destruction comes, ( Matthew 22:44)and it will. Don’t you dare, you hypocrites who will call upon the Lords name and expect him to come ( Amos 4:6) and save you to those who kept silent, and allowed all of this diversity to destroy what God built with his own hands.

What awaits us is read Matthew 24, and Revelation. We are doomed and you ( Amos 4:11) had better repent, and turn back towards Christ, so when the Judgement comes, you will be pardoned.

We should kick out all of these apostate religions, but we won’t we will embrace them to appease the politically correct cowards, due to your cowardliness. As far as I am concerned  you can all go to hell, literally. Those who hate my father and his Son.

I know I am a work in progress. Like I said and will say again, I am not your everyday, political correct Christian, I say it as it is. And will die defending my beliefs. You will all know like I have told you before. The moment you take your last breath, and stand before God, and the devil is waiting with open arms, with a gleam in his eyes, you will be so sorry. That you did not ask for Jesus forgiveness while you had a chance.

Repent, Repent and Repent.

 Diversity is going to, usher in the Anti-Christ! There he goes again with one of the Racist terms. How dare you use the word Diversity. This will be the down fall of the human race.