♥From my heart, with love!♥



 From my heart, with love!I am here to pour out the love of Jesus, unto the world, that he has instilled in my heart, of compassion.

Jesus christ, Salvation.
Jesus Christ hung on the cross, for yours and my sins.Where spikes were hammered into his hands and feet, then a sword was thrust into his side,his perfect, sinless blood was shed. Then it ran down his side, down his legs, off of his feet into the world, to purge the fallen world of mankind’s sin! The free gift of Salvation, for us

I was sitting watching the idiot tube, like I do most of my evenings, flipping through all of the channels. Seeing that there is really nothing on but a bunch of crap. But sometimes, a really heart warming movie, or reality show. Maybe a singing competition, a sports game, or whatever that really shows off peoples God given talents that they have. I love to watch and see people have success, even though I know it is fruitless, in the world to come, and really in this world also.

Being  a 290lbs, sissy that I am when it comes to these kinds of shows. I always shed a tear. I am just a bumbling fool when it comes to mushy kind of stuff. I get it from my Mom. She is always so emotional about just life in general.

I wish I could really tell the world how I feel, about what is hear now, and what is to come. I always ask Jesus why. As his son, I am able to approach him.

But he always reminds me that his thoughts are not my thoughts, we are not to lean on our own understanding.

I know the world is completely blind to the truth, and I always have a broken heart unto the Lord, desiring to know why? You have all felt like we really live in a Matrix, of some sort. And we actually do. I can’t tell you what it is, but it does exist. Even one day when my beautiful, wife was praying to the Lord.

She was lamenting also about the world, I believe. There conversation, ensued about life in general. When she was asking about the world, the Lord told her that blue is not blue, and green is not green.That what we see is not really what we see. She still today doesn’t understand what he meant, but we all can imagine, right?

As to why I am here tonight trying to again convey, my Love for the human race in general. I hate the world, but have so much compassion for people. I know the writings I put down on paper, really can be ruff, if not sometimes seem very harsh. But the truth is the truth. And sometimes, my ugly fleshly side rears it’s ugly head, sorry, forgive me.

I cant explain to you to this day, why God and the Devil exist. I know he has always been here. I sometimes really feel like I am in some sort, of alter reality, of some other world, that resides in heaven. I am just to here in this body, passing on the Lords wisdom.

I guess I am just trying to open up a little, about me. I am a very private person, more then you will ever understand. I hate all of this spying, watching, tracking, you get the point!

What strikes me today, and every day the wife and I go to town, to look at work, or to visit, to go shopping, or whatever. I am always intrigued to watch people living there daily lives as nothing is wrong.

When you come to Jesus he really take the scales off of your eyes to be able to see, and hear the truth. Which is another thing I always ask the Lord why. I refer to the Bible, to get my answers. I started this Blog I believe by the Holy Ghost, instilled the courage to step out of my shell, and to preach the truth to the world, like so many other Born Again believers have done throughout time.

I know the world and the devil, is out to deceive as many people as humanly possible, to take away as many humans unto hell with him to get even unto the Lord. They have so much disdain for each other, true enemies.

I guess what I am again trying to instill into all of your hearts, those who want to believe what I am saying. Is to save as many as I am able, to plant the seed of Jesus, and let him bring it into completion.

Like I have said before in our Testimonial, I wish all of this weren’t true. That there is no Hell, and the devil does not exist. But I cannot, an will not lie to you , nor to anybody about Jesus. Even as I write this tonight, I cant put on paper how I feel, nor why I feel like I do.

I just wish that when you read the stories, and the Bible verses that I have put down, know that they are true. I am not trying to divide the world. I am trying to help put the truth out to bring it into, your hearts and minds. So  if you call out to Jesus, and knock on his door he will answer it.

Look no matter what happens to the wife nor I, due to our let’s say stepping out party. It was all worth the suffering, humiliation, castigation, hatred, and separation from our families, and friends alike. If (1) sole comes to Jesus do to, the truth that we have put into the Blog. Is payment enough, knowing that (1) less person is in hell, fire for an eternity, and can never be reversed, once you have died.

Again I love you, my fellow human beings, just trying to survive this crazy world that we all have to live in unfortunately.

I will say, good night,  good day and God Bless. May your hearts be free, and may yours eyes be opened. Don’t give up, fight, fight and fight.

With Love


 From my heart, with love!I am here to pour out the love of Jesus, unto the world, that he has instilled in my heart, of compassion.