Jesus Christ, Salvation, Forgiveness
Jesus Christ hung on the cross, for yours and my sins.Where spikes were hammered into his hands and feet, then a sword was thrust into his side,his perfect, sinless blood was shed. Then it ran down his side, down his legs, off of his feet into the world, to purge the fallen world of mankind’s sin! The free gift of Salvation, for us.


First thing I want to reiterate, is forgive me of my course language. Not because I have  offended anyone, I could give a rats but about that. But as a child of God, and a Son of Jesus he expects more from me, but my carnal side can’t take no more, do to the fact that we have a Black Muslim, demon possessed,Devil3 psychopathic liar, devil worshiping thing  sitting in the Black house, trying to destroy the christian heritage of this nation!

Crying his way unto the idiots of this country, who believes that bullshit, fake, lying, sick attempt to make anybody believes he cares. What a bunch of ( %#@*). He is so vile, putrid,unseemly, gross, there is not enough words to describe, this thing.By the way, if you who occupies the Black House, don’t like the color of your skin and are envious of mine, bleach it white. It should be real easy for you, due to the fact you are half white! it has been done before, get it?

Yes I said Black house, if this demon possessed, devil worshiping individual could get his way, he would paint the white house black, and don’t you not believe it! He has so many demons of unforgiveness in his heart, woe unto him, and when Christ punches his ticket, and stands before the great white throne of judgement, it doesn’t say black throne of judgement does it? Bother you huh, Hussein!

It was the white man who built this country, white man who, wrote the Constitution, white man who discovered most of the world, white man, who pretty damn much, created all of the inventions that we use today in this country, as well as the world.If us crackers weren’t here, you all would all still be, living in the 1600 century, get it?!

Yes I am pissed, I am so tired of hearing that because I was born with white skin, I am the  white devil. This piece of (@#*^) in the black house, is trying to bring this county down. The Bible states that any Nation that is divided can not stand. He has all but destroyed the trust of individuals, and races of different people.

Look idiots, this Muslim, is out to bring this country into the New World Order, one world religion whether you want to believe it or not, wake up!

By the way I am not a immigrant of this country, I was born out of my mothers womb in the United Divided States, of what use to be America the Great.

My mother , her Father, and his Father, were not immigrants. So shut the hell up about, were all immigrants, stick it in your rear end. Sorry, but I am pissed off. Unfortunately this  president, as well as many others, in cahoots, their goal to start a Civil War, between groups, and nations.

He should be impeached and thrown into Prison, for treason, period.

But the demon possessed Congress are a bunch of eunuchs that , and will not stand up for what is right. The truth of the Bible, what has allowed us to , be the most rich, and prosperous country that has ever existed, get it? What this President and his ilk, and both sides of the vile isles, are dangerous for the sovereignty of this country, that is soon to be no more, which will usher in the Anti-chist, and the devil to control the world. It is us( white folks )who have all of the guns which this demon possessed President wants to take from us, because white men wrote the constitution, and their forward thinking who saw what is happening today, so we could save the country from complete and utter take over form demon possessed, presidents and his ilk, get it?

He wants and desires a Civil War. We don’t, all of us crackers, white-tees, hill billies, you name it. We want peace and to be left alone, which they will not have any of that proposal, they want us all dead, get it. We are the only group, who will stand up for freedom, my Father, and his Father, and all of the 50-60 million men have died to protect it from this type of evil, beings like what is in the black House today. Hitler, get it? Look just listen to all of the pundits, on the news, spewing their hatred for Jesus, and his children.

Look I could go on and on! I have written extensively in this blog as to what is going on. But we are at a very precarious time in history, of tipping over the edge. And we cant and wont be able to ever come back, into the once Christian nation we once were.

My carnal fleshy side has vitriolic hatred for this President, and the congress. I always pray that if a nuke came over from Russia, or China it would drop in the middle of Washington, to rid the worlds of such evil.

But my Christ side, always refers back to what the Bible has to say, to pray for your enemies, and to love your neighbor as yourself. I pray that this President, and the congress who has the world in it’s hand, would repent, and turn back towards Jesus, and ask forgiveness, and repent from what they are doing to this once great country who was the beacon of the world. Where people  of the world once admired, and didn’t mocked and laugh at, our nation as such.

May God literately have Mercy, and Grace on a sinful, and back slid-den Nation, that I believed he once loved, no more