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How do you get rid of 6.5 billion people?


Jesus Christ hung on the cross, for yours and my sins.Where spikes were hammered into his hands and feet, then a sword was thrust into his side,his perfect, sinless blood was shed. Then it ran down his side, down his legs, off of his feet into the world, to purge the fallen world of mankind’s sin! The free gift of Salvation, for us.


How do you get rid of 6.5 billion people?

Let’s first preface that I am no way an expert, and/ or a scholar of Global Warming. But I do have my eyes, ears and nose opened by the Lord. The title refers to the Bible and the End Times, in the Book of Revelation. Ask yourself, how can the Anti-Christ, and all of it’s demons, so called humans  kill and/ or control the 7 Billion humans plus.

Go look at the Georgia Guide stones, they refer to getting rid of 90% of the  worlds population, leaving only 500,000 people. It’s there for some purpose. Maybe the Black eyes demons from hell put it there for a reason,  maybe rubbing it into our faces because we are so stupid as a human race. You tell me. Chem trails maybe?

And how does the Gross and defiled Rich, and Dark  and sole-less things that run this world, and stand behind the curtain and pull all of the strings, to tell the puppets, of the new world order or what ever you want to refer to them as?

Look you would have to take their water supplies away, get it? H.A.R.P.  And / or Genetically modify the food and everything you eat and / or touch. If that isn’t working fast enough, how about spraying the clouds to terraform, and / or change the air we breath, each and everyday we are alive. And no matter where you live, in this rotten and filthy Devils  kingdom, you have to breath the crap, beet Barium, Lead, or whatever chemical they are trying to dispose of to save money, get it Pink slime in our Hamburgers. Plasticizers in your Sub Sandwiches . How does a Corporation get rid of it’s bi-products, from the manufacturing of their products, that are so regulated, you ask?  They are going to save money any way they can! They don’t give a (*#@*) who it kills, or what kind of disease we can get from their lack of responsibility, get it? What ever they are spraying is making all of us sick, get it?

The proof is in the photos. Look at the cloud forms. Then look at the exhaust, coming from the Air Planes, if you see a car in front of you puffing and smoking away, from it’s exhaust. You get real pissed right? Then as you watch the car pass by you, the smoke dissipates, and goes up into the atmosphere right? It does not linger, Why? What’s the difference from the Air Planes exhaust, and/ or the cars exhaust. I will tell you, the cars exhaust dissipates, and the Air Planes, exhaust turns into a Chemical Trail, of what you guess is as good as mine. But the truth is in front of you! You can’t wash it away, it is what it is, whether you want to believe it or not.

Man has an evil heart, from the Devil. He hates God creation, and is out to destroy it, period.

Look all I know is what I see  being done to the skies in the west Coast, and from what I read and hear it’s all over the world.Clouds 001

Clouds 006

Clouds 007

 Picture 003

Picture 002

Also look at an old 50’s, 60’s movies look at the color of the sky. It was so blue it would knock your socks off, right? Now ask your self, what color is the sky today, and why? It is milky white at best. Gee, what an inexpensive way to get rid of the chemicals, will just spray it into the atmosphere, who cares what happens, made the stock holders money, get it?

I know in the pictures, the sky looks somewhat blue, it depends on the day they are not spraying. But overall the skies have changed big time, right? Save them good ole boys money!How’s your health, sinus problems, hooked on them drugs are you?

All I know is that, things ain’t what they use to be. And getting worse. The demons that run this world and our government, are hell bent on destruction to yours and mine freedoms at any cost. You had better wake up, before it’s to late. Go online while you still can, get fairness doc-Tran. Time is running out. Before you die who is reading this article right now.

How do you get rid of 6.5 billion people?