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Woe to you who have sold, (sell), your souls unto the Devil!



Woe to you who have sold, (sell), your souls unto the Devil!

Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost, Salvation
Jesus Christ hung on the cross, for yours and my sins.Where a sword was thrust into his side,his blood was shed. Then it ran down his side, down his legs, off of his feet into the world, to purge the fallen world of mankind’s sin! The free gift of Salvation, for us.

I have said it before, and I will say it again, until I am blue in the ( LUKE 4:18)face. You cannot serve ( Matthew 6:24) two masters. You will either love the one or hate the other. If you don’t love Jesus, then you hate him and serve the Devil, period. There is not a 3rd choice, that’s what I am trying to convey to the world.

Like I have said before, My motto growing up as a rebellious punk no it all, teenager, and young adult, was. To be Rude and, Crude. And socially unacceptable. (Matthew 10:32-33) I used to have a older 1964 Pontiac. That pridefully had a psychedelic , reflective Pot leaf, stuck to my rear window, that I put in bright white bold stick on letters, that stated if you don’t like it ( F#@*) ( Off).

But not unlike you who have purposelessly sold your( Matthew 12:31 possibly)souls to the Devil, to be rich( Matthew 11:25) and famous. I was ignorant about who he was. I was somewhat aware of God, and the Devil. But really just didn’t think much about either one of them. I was lets say neutral, about both, but did somehow leaned more towards Christ.

We have all heard about both at sometime in our lives, ( Mark 4:15-23)that’s for sure.

You know the story of Jesus.The world follow the Devils evil ways, so they can have all of it’s ugly fame and prideful glory . So they can have everything that is of this evil world. Just like he tempted( Matthew 4:1-10)the Lord.

I am always fascinated, and broken hearted when I see, people in general give the Devils, horn signal with both fingers up in the air, giving the old horn signal. Beet, at a rock concert, or sports event or what ever. Even the supposed good guys, the country singers. I understand the heathen acid rockers. But most have given into the Devils lies, and his deceptive ways.

I have even witnessed a few times, on t.v. I was turning the Channel and came across a Heavy Metal rocker( Mark 13:5) singing  a song, stopped for a little while, listing intently. After about ten minutes, barley hanging on, turns my stomach to listen to the lies if the Devil. ( I have been there and done that!)He started to sing a song that went something like this.” I sold my soul to the Devil,( Mark 7:20-23) he told me that if I wanted to be Rich( Mark 6:24) and Famous, he would make my songs, be loved, If I would just follow his ways”. Something to that effect. You need to repent, ( Mark5:32)and not follow these ways.

See the difference between me and them. I was ignorant, ( Matthew 13:15)about both. Where as too, these people follow and drag millions of souls unto Hell,  glee fully, with them.When Jesus snaps that silver cord, and says times up.

I am trying to warn the populist, that there’s a time coming you will have to make a choice what side you will stand on the Devils,( Matthew 13:38-43) side or the Lord’s side.

The whole moral of this story, is you cannot serve (2) masters. There is no purgatory, no afterlife, no wandering out into some other galaxy and return as an animal of your choice, period. There is only (2) choices that you can make . I don’t give a damn if you don’t believe in Jesus, or the Devil. They both believe in you, and one died on the cross so you wouldn’t have to be with the other, in eternity burning in Hell for ever, get it?

Look for the ones who think you are going to have a party( Matthew 23:27) with the Devils, ( Matthew 25:46)when you die. You are going to sit around drink, beers, smoke a joint, and tell each other how shitty the Lord is, and what a fool the, world and others who have choose the good side, the narrow way in. Not the wide path( Matthew 7:13-14) to destruction. You are a fool.

Look idiots, the Devil absolutely has so much disdain, and hatred for the Lord, and his ways, and the human race. ( Read the Bible)Why do you think he left heaven? Because God has allowed the ones, his Remnant, the chosen ones to rule ( Luke 10:19-20) over the Angles, Demons, Devils alike when we get to heaven. God says rather then boast about this, be grate full that your names are written in the book of life.

This is why the Devil, out of his own pride, and arrogance, basically told God to go to Hell, and he replied why don’t you (2 Peter 2:4) instead. The Devil looked over at the Angels, standing before God, and the Lord, and said who wants to be a part of this (##@*), I don’t. So 33% of the Angels left heaven. ( Matthew 25:41)God cast them to rule over this fallen world. That’s why it is so screwed up get it? ( Romans 1:24-32) I am not going to bow to some piece of crap humans who was made for dirt, I am Angel, oh my. Get it? He hates humans, and is going to torture you every damn second you are there It doesn’t matter what you have done for him in this world. He going to make point out of you and, your ilk, idiots. Sorry but truth is truth!

The Devil is a liar, and is out to destroy the word of God, out of his jealousy. You need to repent before it’s too late. For some I believe it is. woe unto to you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, when you stand before God at the Great white throne of Judgement, and are cast into total darkness.

Woe to you who have sold, (sell), your souls unto the Devil!

Repent, and ( Luke 15:10)Repent. So thou will be saved.