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Jesus Christ hung on the cross, for yours and my sins.Where a sword was thrust into his side,his blood was shed. Then it ran down his side, down his legs, off of his feet into the world, to purge the fallen world of mankind’s sin! The free gift of Salvation, for us.


It is Jan, 22 2017. I was watching the Apostate, self loathing, gross, vile, lying media on the idiot tube. I have a damn hard time praying for the media, they know exactly who’s side they are on. They know gladly who they are serving, to have power and riches, money is the root of evil, not money per-say. All of the stations were as usual, beating up on the 45th President. Talking about the size of the crowds, that were and / or weren’t, huge!!!!!

I was just in the mood to vent a little, at the President, with love, and hope. And about the media with disdain. Listening to all of the perverted, and vile hollywierd, elites come out to spew there vile, and gross mouths. That was on the streets all over the country, complaining about their supposed lack of civil rights, it’s a bunch of crap. What do you want, blood. Repent, Repent, and turn back towards Christ, for he loves the sinner, and you are all right up his alley, trust me, I was right with you all, in a different way. Follow your heart Mr. President, you know what’s the truth, you have been put there for a reason to straighten the path of Country should you choose to except this mission. Hey sounds like an old series, eh. Follow the cross, and it’s burden that goes with it. Do not listen to the, other side stay strong, for the enemy will come like a roaring lion, he will show up, in places you cant even imagine. Do not under estimate your enemy, for they are principalities ( Colossians 1:16) of power that are in the air you cant see, but they are there, out to destroy you and your family. Stay with, Pastor Grahams son, no one else. He understands, what you are up against. He speaks the truth. There is only (1) God, and his name is the Father, Son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. The rest are of the Devil, whom believe in any thing else.

Stand firm, do not cave unto the wicked, pink horned hats, Devil worshipers. Unfortunately they are lost souls, we pray for their souls, that they will repent and stop from their wicked ways. If they are not Devil worshipers, then why do they promote, Abortions, Homosexuals, Lesbianism, Transgender, and all of the other apostate things they all believe in, that are against the Lord, ( 1 Romans 24:32) you tell me where I am wrong, read the Bible and then tell me, that I am wrong!

They are serving the Devil, period. Possibly unwittingly, but most willing, because they hate men, and are jealous, possibly many have been hurt, unfortunately, in relationships, we are all guilty of that.

Also these women would have stepped in line with Eve to bite the Apple, of knowledge of good and evil. They are so deceived, by the wicked one, Get It?

First I have to admit, I did not vote this time, not since about ten or so years ago. I have such vitriolic disdain for this Government, and the Media, it makes me sick, when I watch. I quit hoping for a change, in this world, and turned towards the Bible, for the truth, rather then man, lies.

( Jeremiah 17:5) Thus saith the Lord; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departheth from the Lord.( Jeremiah 17:7) Blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is.

The media, as well as every human being on this planet all will be judged, when they stand before the Lord, at judgment day. So whether their self loathing makes them feel, that they are above all. They definitely have an abiding hatred for a( foot washer) named Jesus. Christ says a proud look is an abomination, he hates pride, Media, and to you Mr. President, whom I have hope in, that the Lord will chasten you.

To get rid of your prideful, ways, and attend to the business at hand, which I believe the Lord is using you to turn this ungrateful, gross, sickened, vile Godless country around before it’s to late, In the name of the most Perfect, Holy, Righteous blood I Pray!

I just wanted to say to all, who have criticized the size of the crowds, it is completely worthless, to discuss. What should be said is the truth that the 44th, I can’t even call him President, he does not even deserve to have his picture hung in the halls, other then he like the rest of the previous Presidents have done all that they could to destroy, Gods, word, and our Sovereignty.

Hussein is the most dishonest president we have ever seen, well that might be a stretch. But I believe he hates this Christian nation the most, due to fact that he is a Muslim, or sympathizer. Hates Israel, that’s for sure. But the butt kissing media, could not even tell the truth, of his lies because of love of his self righteous black ass, get it? I know. Christ like right! If Hussein suddenly, stopped the media heads would go so far up his ass, his head would explode, about like when Hussein, and Billary heard that Trump, won! Sorry I am a work in progress, but it’s the truth.

I Pray, that Trump, is also not of the Evil, new World Order, only time will tell. If he is, prepare for Civil War, it will come this time, that’s a fact. The country cant take no more, this is it!

This, hateful man is a Jesus hater, as well as most of the world, has done all they can to destroy, the word of God, and promote the devils agenda. He has taken the color of his skin, to use it to destroy the human connection that we all have the to one and another, and to the only God, and his perfect Son, Jesus Christ.

By dividing, us by Race, Color, and Religion, and whether or not you had a wiener or not, transvestites, the gender bathrooms, gross vile marriage’s so gross, get it? Christ says, that Man is created in his image, not woman. What should be told is that, if, and I mean if, it is true. Because I absolutely trust,  a Riled up hungry rattlesnake, more then the vile media.

Sorry, skipped a little forward, anyway you get the story.

If the photos are true, the reason why most did not show up, is because they are too poor to spend, the thousands, of dollars, that it would have costed, that they use to have to be able to take a vacation, once a year. Thanks Hussein, your legacy, yeah right you don’t have one, Thank God. Go Trump. Hussein, you are like a Black Board, punt intended. President Trump, he’s taking the eraser and wiping you out of history, Thank God.

Thank you God, for removing the most racist, beguiling, unseemly, ex president we have ever had, Repent, Repent, and from stopping the next, wicked she thing from getting in. He is the reason that us blue collared workers are so poor, this was done out of unforgiveness, and hatred for the white man, and the Son of God period. God thank you Lord, for you have spoken and this vile man, and his wife are gone, Thank God, Amen and Amen.

The blue color worker is to poor, to do much else, that’s why they did not come. If I could have been able to afford it, I would have come just to show support, for my countries hope in the reversal, of the control of the wicked, and not because of a man, who will also burn in hell, if he does not repent, and give his live to Christ, the wife and I pray for him, and his family, and the will of The Al mightily God will be done!.

The 44th, divider, liar in whatever, has bankrupted the blue color worker, so they can barely afford to fart, I mean that literally. If you have no food in your stomach, you can’t fart. This again Mr. President, is why so many, if it is true, couldn’t afford to show their love for you. There would have been a lot more, if not for their financial situation, due to the burden of an additional 7 trillion, Hussiencare that was added to the debt, which we all have to pay back. Due to the Muslim in denial. He should be completely wiped from our history, I believe.

I Pray, that you get to work. I completely understand that you are concerned about your name, and standing up for your self. If you leave it up to the Lord, justice will be served on the wicked. It is not easy to do, trust me. I have all of the wicked come against my name, and business, but the Lord always prevails, you just have to trust in him, and not your own petty ways. You should be more concerned about the Lords, work, and saving this dying nation. Because you know you can leave the country at any time, and go buy an island, to hide from the doom of the nation. But my hope is in the Lord, that you will abide in his wisdom, and use it to save this fallen nation. Please, be slow to speak, and swift to listen. Words of the Lord. You literally have the worlds prosperity, and future in your hands, do the right thing, ignore, the wicked when all possible. Let your believers, take on the wicked, media on. Use your tweets, to defer your frustration, to other blog’s, that support you, and tell the truth.
That takes you off of the hook, and the bait that they want you to take, they hate Jesus, and will never ever tell the truth about you nor your family either, Get It? Quit wasting your time. If you want to defeat the media, become the best President the world has ever seen, that will shut them all to hell up. It will make them so, ineffectual that they will, die a slow and miserable death, as such.

Remember you can be proud of what you have accomplished. The Bible says, Diligent hands make rich. You have worked harder probably then most of the world has ever seen. Look most people unfortunately envy you, and your place in the world, so if that’s what makes you happy, then stop letting these self righteous, loathing idiots get under your accomplishments, whom are so jealous and envious of your life.

I Pray, for the nation, and you Mr. President, and for your family, that truth prevails, and you all will come to know the Love of Christ, and bow at his feet, and cry out for forgiveness, with all of your heart, souls and minds, and except him as your savior, in Jesus name. If you are truly going to drain the vile, putrid, gross, unseemly disease of the Washington Elite, you are only going to accomplishment that by Term Limits, they will never change, you will have to get rid of the disease to cure it! With Love, Go Trump, kick some ass. I know and believe you can do it. USA, USA,USA. Americas first, screw the rest of the world, until we at home, out healthy and prosperous again. Screw the New World order, they can all kiss our white Lilly asses, period.

Mr. President, Read Proverbs, and the Bible daily that will guide you to your success, follow the life of Christ, and reap what you sow, not on here earth but in the heavens.

May the will of God, for our Nation be, that we will once again be a light on top on the shiny hilltop, for all nations to once again admire and respect, Amen, and Amen


Woe to those whom, believe they are going to live forever!



 Woe to those whom, believe they are going to live forever! I oftened wondered, about why people want to live forever. When you read the Bible, it talks specifically about many of the Lord’s chosen ones living in their 600’s, 700’s, 800’s you get the point.

Jesus Christ, Living forever, eternal life.
Jesus Christ hung on the cross, for yours and my sins.Where spikes were hammered into his hands and feet, then a sword was thrust into his side,his perfect, sinless blood was shed. Then it ran down his side, down his legs, off of his feet into the world, to purge the fallen world of mankind’s sin! The free gift of Salvation, for us

I have been noticing a lot more t.v. programs and shows lately talking about eternal life, and the extension of mankind’s life, unto we are gods, oh my! It really fascinates me of the arrogance of mankind to believe we will someday be gods ourselves.

Let me stop, to tell you a quick story. About 10 years ago, I was working on a remodel job. There were let’s say, a bunch of new agers, off the beaten path, ( Matthew 24:10-12)self loving, self righteous, mediating, strange people living in this house, it was like a old hippie commune, but very up scale. All truth, no lies. Held it up the the word of God, that’s what I saw.

The short story goes, one day I was outside when one of the  tenants of the home came out side. We were just shoo-ten the breeze, talking about the home or what ever.

Somehow like always, I always will bring up Jesus Christ, in my jobs and my life, too no end. Don’t care what people think, it is what it is, and whom I am.

Anyway, forward. We started on this conversation, of the new age movement, This very sweet, and very ignorant, woman in her 40′ lets say. Started this  big commiseration, about her sympathy for humans, that we will someday all  be gods, not unlike this program I just saw on the idiot tube, tonight. Sounds familiar.

I always come back with scripture to knock down the bunch of crap that has, eviscerated the human minds of these poor lost souls.

As the conversation got a little heated, I stopped and said to her, if you are a god, she listened very intently and said yea. I proceeded to point over to a tree that was , of maybe 20-30 feet tall. And said if you are a god. Please show me, take that tree and move to over to that place, I pointed to another spot in the yard.

And of coarse here comes always the moronic answer you always get, from these, followers of Satan. Oh, I am not right now, but we are all evolving, and we will be someday. I bet you have all heard that and bunch of Devil worshiping lies, as I have.

Fast forward to tonight’s show. It was taking about nano technology, was going to save mankind and all of it’s worthless, evil, corrupt, rudeness, baby killers, unseemly,self loathing, murderers, fornicators, ( Romans 1:24-32) prideful, lusting thoughts, oh my. I Cant wait, to see what human race to be envious of. Taking one gene from another, plant, animal, fruit, humans, foods, crops, nano technology, or what ever, cross pollinate, splicing genes, or just to wanting to live forever, oh my!

This is what awaits all you who are tampering with the Lords D.N.A, repent while you can!
This is what awaits all you who are tampering with the Lords D.N.A, repent while you can!

If you take all of the goodness of God out of mankind’s d.n.a, what the hell do you think you will have, idiots.

If you take out the Loving, Sacrificial Lamb, Caring, Long suffering, Humble, Salvation, Meekness, Merciful,Selfless,Foot washing, Forgiving, Righteous, Perfect, Holy, Sinless,  Son of God. Jesus Christ, and what, will you have left, We will have exactly what we have already.

But a thousand times worst, with no emotion, no love, lovers of them selves, selfies, doesn’t care about his neighbors, family, friends, only about them selves, It almost sounds like today, get it. Coming soon. Woe unto us! Keep drinking the Cool Aid, hum taste so good.

This will be a very terrible time to be in. They, and the Devil their best friend, and partner in crime, hates Gods creation, Adam and Eve. That’s why they want to create, Adam and Steve, get it?  Man to man, woman to woman.To manifest, a creation that will be so terrible cursed by God forever, woe unto you who march down the beaten path of eternal life. You will have eternal death that’s for sure, but it will be an eternal damnation, for those who are tampering with the Lords, perfect creation, that was corrupted by the Devil. The human race that was to reign with the one and true God forever. Was going to have the tree of live, which has all of the information as to how to live forever. That’s why God had to throw  (Genesis 3:22-24) Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden, because he didn’t want them to have the knowledge of eternal life, get it?

But because of Eves, lusting for knowledge, and tricking her mate, to partake, in the down fall of the human race for ever, until Jesus comes to clean the world, of all peoples like the ones who live, and are trying to live forever, it will never happen, dream on. What you will get, you cant imagine,  nor would you ever want too!

It will be the worse of the worse. It will be an accumulation of the worst, of mankind’s, society, add all of the evil peoples of  yesterday & today, (Psalm 106:37) who have done unspeakable, things unto our families, friends and neighbors.You will reap what you soe.

I really blows my mind the arrogance of mankind. Which is a spiritual issue caused by a rampant demons,devils, spirits running loose on the earth today, out to destroy, what God put on this earth. Get it? The serpent, the deceiver of all, the best of the best, has never been, no shall there ever be a greater story teller, then the one an only Head Demon him self, the Devil. Applause, whew.

And you all follow his ways. Mankind was never supposed to get the knowledge of such evil ways. We were supposed to live as children, and live together along side of our creator, forever. I would bet most if not all of you geneticists, scientist, and your ilk, alike have IQ’s of what probably, 160, 170, 180, maybe a 200 in there, oh my.

You all think that you are so intellectual, the best and brightest minds, right? If you are so intelligent, then tell me how this dumb oh, construction worker happen to stumble onto, the real eternal life. You have spent billions, and billions of dollars.To spend an eternity with the Devil.
I spent  nothing, to have an eternity with the Love of God, that I can’t really explain to anyone else, other then Born Again, children, my Brothers, and Sisters in Christ. They know what I feel. The love that permeates your soul. That embraces sinners like me.
The love that cast out all of my transgressions, my gross and vile sins, that I did before I gave my life to Jesus. The sin that felt like a boat anchor that was tied unto my neck like a tie, the size of the Titanic.The love that drives me unto, what I am doing today, and everyday, picking up my Cross. The pure and perfect holy blood sacrifice that washed me clean of all that gross, vile, unseemly, rotten, devil worshiping sins that I committed unto the Lord. He set me free, that I no longer have all of those vile feelings, that no matter what I did to him, his love, and mercy covered what I had done, his perfect blood hid me from Gods final judgement, Thank You Jesus, for thou are worthy, of all praise.

Yet I found eternal life, it cost me nothing, other then I had to believe that I was a sinner, boy that was easy. To say the sinners prayers, that I put on the main page, read it again, and believe it is true. I was Chief among them. When you looked in the dictionary, under sinner, there was a picture of me in it.

The ironic thing is all I had to due was to fall and my knees and plant my defiled face at the one and only one, who can truly give me eternal life, and his name and am proud to say it over and over. Is the true Savior, my Father, Jesus Christ, get it, stupid?

That’s why Jesus ask us to come back to him a a child, get it? What does a child do, he cries out for help, when he is in trouble. He seeks knowledge from his good father, He wants to hug his Father, He wants to haves cry together, tell stories together, and walk side by side for an eternity, with all of the agape love you can soak up, for an eternal life, can’t wait. God I hate this world.

Be truth be told, I think you guys are a bunch of  cowards, you love the Devil so much why is it that you don’t want to spend anytime with him. If you live forever, aren’t you going to miss him, hum? You should all stand on the highest bridge together and jump into his arms. He will welcome you. I bet you cant wait, woe unto you. You know whats coming at each and everyone one of your last breath, eternal judgement, rightfully so.

That’s why you are trying to avoid death, because you are all afraid, and rightfully so. I was too! That’s why I repented, and got on my knees and begged (John 14:6) the one and only one who can give me real eternal life, not the fake one from the Devil.

You had better repent from what you are all doing, open your eyes,  and hearts. Take off the dark colored lenses, and see what judgment is at hand, woe unto you. Knock on his door, and believe that thou are a sinner, and he will open it! Repent, Repent, and Repent.

Woe to those whom, believe they are going to live forever! I oftened wondered, about why people want to live forever. When you read the Bible, it talks specifically about many of the Lord’s chosen ones living in their 600’s, 700’s, 800’s you get the point.

Why do you believe your loved ones are all in heaven?



Why do you believe your loved ones are all in heaven?

Jesus Christ hung on the cross, for yours and my sins.Where spikes were hammered into his hands and feet, then a sword was thrust into his side,his perfect, sinless blood was shed. Then it ran down his side, down his legs, off of his feet into the world, to purge the fallen world of mankind’s sin! The free gift of Salvation, for us
Why do you believe all of your loved ones are in heaven? The Devil does not exist!Mega Lie of the Millennium!The lie that has Billions, and Billions of sinners in hell, because you all bought into his deception, get it?

The devil has the world convinced that he does not exist. This is the greatest deception the world has ever seen. It allows the world to continue to sin against the Lord, without no consequences, or fear of their actions.

This has allowed, almost the whole world, to believe in only heaven. You have heard it a million, billion times. No matter who the person is, or what life style they have lived, when they die. The Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Friend, or whatever, always says they are in a better place. They say this especially if they had cancer, or some type of horrible disease, they are better off. No way in hell, that is a lie. Their is not one person, who is in hell, as we speak, that had the most terrible case of disease, you can have here on earth, would jump back into that old decrepit , gross, sick, malnourished, acing, chemotherapy treatment blistered, body. Then to be were they supposedly are , in a better place.

 How can Good exist without evil. So you would have to conclude that, all Murders, Rapists, Thugs, Fornicators, or what ever, type of sinner, is a good person, right? Because, if the devil does not exist, and there is no hell. Then you would have to assume, that all people are good. That is the deception. It allows you and I to continue to sin, free of judgement get it?

Or the real kicker, the biggest deception unto mankind. My Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, and / or Friend was a good and decent person, right? They went to church, they gave money. They were involved with the community, great dad. Or they didn’t sin, that much, oh well. He, and / or she has a beer, once in a while, curses, every so often, was kind a gentle, gee he was so sweet.( Matthew 23:27) Of course I am being sarcastic. But you get the point.

This is why everyone, believes they are all in heaven

Which in-turns, the verbiage everybody is in a better place, right? Which is why no body needs a Savior, to come to their rescue. Who needs God, if when we all die, we are in a better place, woe unto you who believe this crap.

Let’s see what the Bible has to say about the greatest deception you are all under.

First and foremost the greatest sacrifice the world has ever seen. God gave his  only begotten ( John 3:16)Son, who shed his blood unto the world, for the Salvation of our souls.

(Matthew 7:21) Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

( John 14:6.) (JESUS saith unto them) I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. ( Which means, all of the other religions are false teachings, they will send you to hell.)

( John 3:16) For GOD so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son,( Meaning CHRIST) that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. ( So believe in him and be saved.)

( Acts 4:12 ) Neither is there salvation in any other: ( Look at what it says!) for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

( John 3:3 ) JESUS answered and said unto him, Verily, verily , I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of GOD. ( Means again there is only one GOD, not many or any other. ) ( Means born again through CHRIST)So all who have passed away are in hell, get it?

( John 3:18) He that believeth on him ( JESUS ) is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already,because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

( Matthew 9:6 ) But that ye may know that the Son of man( JESUS ) hath power on earth to forgive sins,( then saith he to the sick of the palsy,) Arise, take up the bed, and go unto thine house. (Nobody else can forgive you of your sins only the begotten SON, CHRIST JESUS.)

(Matthew 10:32 ) Whosoever therefore shall confess me ( Meaning CHRIST )before men, him will I confess also before my FATHER which is heaven.

( I am confessing CHRIST before you and the world to see. )

( Matthew 11:25 ) At that time JESUS  answered and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise ( Meaning the world ) and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes. ( Meaning his children, the called out ones.)

(Matthew 13:17 ) For verily I say unto you, That many prophets and righteous men have desired to see those things which ye see, ( BORN AGAIN ) and  have not seen them; and to hear those things which ye see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which ye hear, and have not heard them.

( In other words the world is blind to GODS truth. )

(Matthew 18:3 ) And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, ( BORN AGAIN) and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

( Matthew 22: 14 ) For many are called,( Which means that, many were called, but you choose the world instead instead of Jesus, that’s why you were not chosen.) but few are chosen.

( Mark 14:62 ) And JESUS said, I am: and ye shall see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven. ( There is no other  under Heaven, only one JESUS )

( Mark 16:16 )  He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. ( So if you believeth any other than CHRIST, you will be cast into the lake of fire, because of your unbelief.)

(Luke 6:22 )  (For my brothers and sisters:) (Jesus says) Blessed are ye, when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you from their company, and shall reproach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the Sons of man’s sake. (CHRIST says this because he knew the persecution, that his word would bring unto his children, for standing against pagan religions.)

( Luke 7:23 ) (JESUS says)And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me. ( Can you tell that I am not offended, so be angry, hate me because I am blessed, should you feel the need.)

( Luke 8:10 )  And he said, Unto you ( BORN AGAIN ) it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of GOD: but to others in parables; that seeing they might not see, ( Being Blind to the truth ) and hearing they might not understand.

( John 6:65 ) (JESUS said) And he said,Therefore said I unto you, that no man can come unto me,( MEANING JESUS ) except it were given unto him of my Father.

OK, whether you believe in the Bible or not does not change what in am trying to convey to you. That when you die you, and whoever dies without Christ, is burning in hell right now. And all who  that have passed on since Christ came unto the world. In the year.(0000). That’s right, the clock reset, when Christ died on the cross, the old law was fulfilled. The New Testament, begin.The year was 4000 b.c. When Jesus died on the cross, a new beginning begin. It went from B.C, to A.D. after death. So for 2014 years, the ones who have died after Jesus sacrifice on the Cross that faithful day.

Lets see what the Bible says about hell.

(Matthew13:49-50) So shall it be at the end of the world: the angels shall come forth, and sever the wicked  (If you don’t belong to Christ) from among the just, ( Born Again )And shall cast them into the furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Man burning in hell( Matthew 13:15) For the people’s heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes,  ans hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted and I should heal them. Also read ( Matthew 13:37-42).

Look at what Jesus says, in ( Luke21:8) Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and the time draweth near: go ye not therefore after them.

( John 3:16-18) For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

Now ask yourself the question, are you and the dead,  condemned. Because you have not believed on Jesus Christ. That he died on the cross for you and yours.

Look I also have had a brother murdered in the 70’s. My dad passed away, many friends of mine have also have passed away. I know for a fact, that if they did not except Jesus into their heart’s before they died , they are in hell. I have been preaching the truth until my living family members since I have came to Christ, in 1998. Most have refused to hear the truth, they also will go to hell, if they don’t repent, before they die.

My heart bleeds for humans more then you will ever know. And I really mean that. I can’t convey to you how much, but the Lord knows my heart. That’s why I am stepping out, of my shell and telling the truth, which will probably get, the wife and I killed. John the Baptist. Remember got his head chopped off, because he did what we are doing right now, telling you the truth. But it is what it is, I have too!

The wife and I pray a lot for our families, especially the wife. Because she also knows what awaits, humans when they die. Thank God for his Son, otherwise no one would have a chance to be with the one true God,  and his Son Jesus.

I pray that this convicts your hearts so you will repent and turn back to the Lord. It is to late for the loved ones who didn’t, so don’t make the same mistakes, come back unto the living water,and though shall be saved.

Why do you believe all of your loved ones are in heaven? The Devil does not exist!Mega Lie of the Millennium!The lie that has Billions, and Billions of sinners in hell, because you all bought into his deception, get it?

Knock on his door, and he will answer it.


Rapture, is it a Truth, or a Lie? You ask.



Rapture, is it the Truth, or a Lie? You ask.

Let’s look at the facts, what the Bible has to say, not man!

Jesus Christ, Forgiveness, Salvation, Prayers.
Jesus Christ hung on the cross, for yours and my sins.Where a sword was thrust into his side,his blood was shed. Then it ran down his side, down his legs, off of his feet into the world, to purge the fallen world of mankind’s sin! The free gift of Salvation, for us.
Lets keep it simple. I will present my case using only. The book of Matthew. It’s all I need.

Rapture, is it the Truth, or a Lie? You ask. Let’s first start with the Dictionary version of the word, Rapture. It says.) The state of being transported by a lofty emotion, ecstatic. 2.) An expression of ecstatic feeling. 3.) The transporting of a person from one place to another, esp, to heaven.

First, remember (Jeremiah 17:5, and 17:7), don’t trust man, follow the word of God, read it for yourself. Not some puffed up, arrogant, prideful, man( Mark 7:7-9) that thinks he is the hottest thing since sliced bread.

Also ( Matthew 24:4-5) Jesus says. Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. Ask yourself, are you in the many boat being deceived. Your boat is getting awful heavy, and it  is going to sink right into hell, get it?

Also ( Matthew 24:11) Jesus say. And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.

Again are you being deceived by a false prophet, ask yourself, because it is going to cost you, your faith in the future, and possibly your salvation. When the stuff hits the fan, and you are still here, riding the end of times, until Christ returns, then you will be gathered up in the air.

Let’s look at the time frame. Look at ( Matthew 24:15) Jesus says. When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by the Daniel the prophet stand in the holy place, ( whoso readeth, let him understand).

Again let’s see what Christ, says. ( Matthew 25:5-51). Read ( Matthew 24:22 )Jesus says. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened. The Abomination of Desolation, has to come first. So obviously, there is going to be trouble in the world, nothing like the world has ever seen before, since it’s conception. But Jesus says that if he didn’t stop the world from being destroyed completely, to save his called out ones, the Born Again, the bride, that the whole world, every human being was going to be wiped off of the face of the earth.

It sounds like his children, my brothers and sisters, are going to be going through a lot of the problems, if not most all of them. It’s all about timing, Post, or pre. Now ask yourself, why did Jesus say that. If all of his children, were already  Raptured,( By the way, please show me where the word, rapture is found in the Bible)  and we were all with him up in heaven, then who is the elect that he is referring to, the devils children.

Also if you look at (Matthew 24: 6-7), it talks about wars, and rumors of wars, kingdom against kingdom, pestilences, famine, and earthquakes. Then look at (Matthew 24:8), it says these are the beginning of sorrows, which mains suffering, pains. We are in that time right now! Then they shall deliver you up to be afflicted, and they shall kill you. Are you dead, you who are reading this right now? Yes some in the world are, but not here in the United States, not yet, but coming soon. Also when you read Matthew 24, look at the timing. Verse 22, comes before, verse 27 where Christ comes as lighting, riding a cloud in Glory and Power. Look at ( Matthew 24:27), Jesus returns, as lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth out of the west.

Then verse Matthew 29, the sun is going to lose it’s light, and the moon shall be darkened. Have you seen this yet. I haven’t, what say you. Then look at verse (Matthew 24: 30). Then Christ, returns, coming in a cloud with power and glory.

OK, here’s the punch line, read (Matthew 24:31) And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, (Heard any trumpets) and they ( The Angles) shall gather together his elect, ( Born Again) from the four winds ( East, North, South and West) from one end of heaven to the other. So if you just take Matthew, Christ clearly comes first, the sun and moon, go dark.

Then the angels come and , we are gathered up in the air to meet Jesus. Get it, not before. You, and I are still going to be here, during these trails, and travails. Now how long they are going to last, for us, it doesn’t say. But I wouldn’t be lackadaisical, waiting around to be caught up in the air.

Stay busy, with what Jesus has you doing, unto him. ( Matthew 24:46)You and I are not going to be raptured out of here before all of this happens, it is a lie, read the book for yourself. I did not write it, it is what it says it is. It cannot be changed no matter what any man claims. If he preaches something  different, he is a lair as well as the church who preaches this crap!!!!!!!!!!!.

Now read ( Matthew 24:33-51) Jesus clearly talks about the days of Noah. Remember he flooded the earth. And you tell me, that there were none of his backslidden children, here on the earth at that time.What maybe 30, 40, 50 million people. Even if there was, only a few hundred thousand humans at that time. Your saying that there were only 8 people that belonged to the Lord, come on! That Noah’s family was the only children of God.They were the only uncorrupted seed left, the whole world had been corrupted, by the fallen angels.

The rest of the world suffered and died,  because they followed mankind’s filthy rotten rags. Because of this, their lamps were ( Matthew 25:1-13) dry, no oil. He warned the world to repent, they were deceived, by the devil, and man. They all thought that the boat was a joke, not unlike the return of Christ today. When it began to flood, they weren’t laughing no more! They were not prepared, they probably thought they would be saved, because the Lord loves his children, I know Grace and Mercy, right? They were all sinning against the Lord, just like the Jews, had done so many times before. God just fully punishes his children, if you don’t; repent, of your sins, and come out of the ( Matthew 16:26) world.

He says then he one shall be taken, and the other left, after the tribulation, not before, get it? He states that he will come like a thief in the night, after the tribulation. Look at what Jesus say’s in (Matthew 24:46) He says that you are blessed, when he returns, and sees his children, the called out ones being busy, doing his works. So how can you be blessed, if you are already gone. Who’s was Christ talking about, again the devils children, because we all up in heaven. So God blesses the devils children, come on. Wake up.

You are all going to go through all of the end times. The Lord is going to test your, salvation to see if you are going to finish the race. Remember what Paul says.

Remember that the wide road, ( Matthew 7:13) is the easy way, into hell. And the narrow, difficult, trying and long suffering, patient, kindness, obedience, is the ( Matthew 7:14) narrow path. Many are called but a few are ( Matthew 20:16) chosen, what does that mean, ask yourself.

Whether you believe me or not! I have presented my case unto the Jury. Now you need to defend you side, and your point of view. I believe that the evidence I put forth in front of you, is correct. Now it is your chance to prove me wrong. I am going to stand at my door, with my  bible, guns, club, and or knife, or whatever be prepared. And the most important, the word of the Lord, into my heart. I am going to do my best, to keep my lamp oil full at all times, and stay alert because I believe I am right. I refuse to trust in man, and believe the Preacher, Minster, Pastor or whatever, I will only trust in my Fate, with Jesus Christ, good luck with your endeavors, you will need it. I am not saying not to love, cherish, listen to, pray for, console with,pray with, your Pastor, Preacher, Watcher, or what ever but, remember brother against ( Mark 13:12-13)brother, ask yourself, what is Christ, referring too! The devil is out to destroy you get, it?

May you have the eyes to see, and the ears for hearing, may the Lord bless you, at the end and sustain, you and you family, during these trying times.

Rapture, is it the Truth, or a Lie? You ask. Let’s first start with the Dictionary version of the word, Rapture. It says.) The state of being transported by a lofty emotion, ecstatic. 2.) An expression of ecstatic feeling. 3.) The transporting of a person from one place to another, esp. to heaven. Be prepared to stay awhile.

Amen and Amen